Air conditioning and air filters play a key role in school success

Students work in the classroom of a primary school in Lyon, September 2, 2021 JEFF PACHOUD / AFP About the usefulness of air purifiers… even without Covid Classes where the air is filtered would thus perform 20% better on exams than classes that are not equipped. The equivalent of a massive reduction in the number … Read more

Belgian situation: From Taalkoffer to Comines must follow the Flemish school rhythm

Through SR † Published on 06/12/2022 at 14:18 As the only Flemish institution in Komen, it will be necessary to use different school holiday rhythms. “We would have liked it to be different, but we remain focused on quality”, director Klaas Bruneel sighs. † † † † † † † † †

Increase in the price of textbooks: an unresolved question, confirms Nadia Fettah

Just three months before the start of the school year, the debate over the rise in the price of textbooks is controversial. The government continues to state that the matter has not yet been decided and that talks are still ongoing. Here are the clarifications on this subject from the Minister of Economy and Finance. … Read more

how is the integration of new Ukrainian pupils into the school?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many young children have been welcomed in French schools. In France, school is compulsory until the age of 16. All young Ukrainian refugees in France who are between 3 and 16 years old are therefore registered on the French school lists. These students are the subject of … Read more

“With our young people, the desire to act is natural”

The Cross the Weekly : What makes you get up in the morning? Sandrine Wijdemann: The desire to help our young people grow, in every sense of the word. Here, of course, we transfer knowledge, but also life skills, involving human, social and spiritual values. I think about justice, solidarity, commitment, joy… It’s a big … Read more

Will there be a shortage of math teachers next year? The Ministry wants to reassure – Liberation

The math and German capes provide more jobs than there are suitable candidates, raising fears of an even greater shortage of teachers at the start of the next school year. The rue de Grenelle speaks of a mechanical effect resulting from the reform of the competition. All is well, Madame la Marquise. “There will be … Read more

young people are preparing their future at Luxexpo

Students should be able to discover in one day all the possibilities available to them for their future choices. That is in any case the aim of the country’s first Scholfoire. Today we have a very diversified offer, now we have to invest in guidance”, Claude Meisch, Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, insisted … Read more

In Seine-Saint-Denis, a dormant public university – Liberation

From the absence of non-replaced teachers to the proliferation of students per class, National Education has sacrificed college education in this department, which is nonetheless a priority, an elected representative of the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE) testified. As a representative of the parents elected to a public school in Seine-Saint-Denis, I have observed a … Read more

Education: A year after the tragedy in the Dutch school, UNICEF hands over 26 classrooms to the authorities built with permanent material at the Gamkallé school in Niamey

The Minister of National Education, Dr. Rabiou Ousmane, on Wednesday, April 13, at the Gamkallé bilingual school in Niamey, proceeded to receive 26 new classrooms in permanent materials built by UNICEF Niger with the financial support of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). The initiative is the fulfillment of a promise made by UNICEF … Read more