These Iraq War Survivors Create Their Soccer Team

The war in Iraq has taken (almost) everything from them. But thanks to an amputee football team, these men heal the wounds of the soul by teasing the ball. They lost an arm or a leg in the war against the jihadists or in one of the attacks that bled Iraq. Bringing together some thirty … Read more

the yellow card of justice

FACTS Theo BoucherThe 18-year-old, who had just handed out a red card to a U17 player in Salouel on April 2, was beaten by the teen’s mother. The player’s 20-year-old brother knocked him down with a brush. The referee was hit hard by another player, a teenager. On a sporting level, the player who strikes … Read more

Caregivers of football legend tried for manslaughter

You must stop going to doctors who are trained to sell you chemicals sold by labs that only think about profit and …Read more A judge from San Isidro (north of Buenos Aires) on Wednesday monitored the prosecution’s claims in April and sent practitioners to court, including a neurosurgeon and attending physician, a clinical physician, … Read more

At 91 years old, this supporter doesn’t miss a game in Laval

His passion seems greater than ever. Venant Sochon, 91 years old, is THE historical follower of Tangos. Located about thirty kilometers from Laval, in Saint-Fraimbault-de-Prières, a village of 980 souls, the former dairy manufacturer completes its 35th consecutive year as a subscriber. Even crazier, he hasn’t missed a game at the Stade Francis-Le-Basser since 1987. … Read more

in Créteil, bring the cup back to the neighbourhood

An amateur tournament, a family reunion that sometimes resembles a nursery, or a weekend with neighbors over football? The National Neighborhood Cup passes for an unidentified football object. Whatever its contours, the event returns to Créteil (Val-de-Marne) in June, where it was created in a slightly different form three years ago, before being available all … Read more

American women win the fight for equal pay

Published on : 23/02/2022 – 18:39 The United States Soccer Federation promised on Tuesday equal pay for the men’s and women’s national soccer teams. Twenty-eight stars of the women’s team, the reigning world champion, had filed a class action lawsuit. They’re used to triumphing on the lawns, but the stars of the US women’s soccer … Read more

[Football] Should we be concerned about security at the Luxembourg stadium?

Mixed supporters, smoke bombs, invasion of the field… Saturday night and the match against Turkey raises questions: is the Grand Duchy ready for such heated matches? The M-Block expressed its dismay on social media. And again, discontent would be the “softer” version of this great fear for some, great anger for others (the M-Block speaks … Read more

PSG formalize Luis Campos, awaiting Zidane?

Published on : 06/10/2022 – 14:31 Paris Saint-Germain on Friday formalized the arrival of the Portuguese Luis Campos who is responsible for “the organisation, recruitment and performance of the professional team”. A foundation stone for the new project touted by the club and which, according to several French media, could be followed by the arrival … Read more