A strategic project launched by the Kingdom

The apprenticeship is not limited to that of childhood and youth. It is a process that certainly starts at a young age, but never stops. In Morocco, governments have taken several initiatives to promote the principle of lifelong learning, which is part of the education project, one of the Kingdom’s first priorities, said HM King … Read more

National consultations, one of the keys to revitalizing public schools

The department of Benmoussa has made significant efforts to reform education, in particular through its initiative to engage in an institutional debate with the various stakeholders, in order to contribute to the enrichment of its roadmap for public schools. Are we moving towards a better and fairer education system? In response to a central oral … Read more

Challenges and obstacles of a booming industry

Despite criticisms of their tuition fees, which remain quite high, private educational institutions in Morocco continue to attract many Moroccans who have now lost confidence in public schools. Proof of this is the figures from the Alliance for Private Education in Morocco, which indicated that this sector achieved a turnover of about 20 billion dirhams … Read more

The confusing road map

The reform of the national education system seems like an endless project. Each minister of supervision wants to build it to his own taste by shaving what his predecessor did. Chakib Benmoussa is no exception. He has just come up with his own vision of reform that wipes the slate clean from previous reform plans. … Read more

“I didn’t think I’d go this far”

In 2019, the child Nour was eliminated during the battles of the sixth edition of The Voice Kids. She is coached by Soprano. The rapper then claims that his level allows him to compete with adults. Nour patiently until she was 16, the age that allowed her to try her luck in The Voice “adults”, … Read more

Rural Sciences, a breeding ground for starting researchers

Teach school and rural students what the atom is made of; give them the opportunity to hold elections between schoolchildren, to form the office of their school’s scientific club …, this is the bet launched by the Moroccan Association of Small Resources (AMPD), with 21 schools and colleges, through the “Sciences in Rural Areas” program. … Read more

Amine Naji, for the better and for the future

The undisputed star of the first season of “Al Madi La Yamout”, broadcast on Al Aoula – the second had fallen into delirium -, Amine Naji resurfaced on 2M during Ramadan 2022, kissing some and hitting right. . In this interview without gloves, the artist changes more shirts than ideas and lets a welcome candor … Read more

The MENAPLN is studying the situation

Low enrollment rate in kindergarten, insufficient infrastructure in the CEBs, delay in payment of the state subsidy to private promoters and closure of three classrooms due to insecurity, the Minister of National Education, Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages, Lionel Bilgo, deepened addresses the difficulties faced by educational actors in the Hauts-Bassins region through … Read more

“Being a girl without a story seems like the saddest thing there is”

Alice Zeniter. Patrice Normand/Leextra via opale.photo Only on stage does the novelist and theater maker become a performer and humorously contrast reality with the story we tell about it. What is building a history in the time of the? fake news and conspiracy? She has been publishing novels for ten years, including: The art of … Read more

The Covid-19 would promote a 20-year aging of our cognitive abilities

Neurological disorders, cardiothoracic disorders, smell and taste disorders… It is now estimated that 15% of people who have contracted the coronavirus will see certain symptoms persist over time. If what is now called “Covid lung” is still poorly understood, more and more research is being done to understand the mechanisms behind this evolution of symptoms. … Read more