with Mbappé and new money, Ligue 1 resumes its dreams

Even as the pursuers have grown stronger, it’s hard to see who can rival the Paris armada. But the season nevertheless promises to be eventful with a big cut for the World Cup and 4 relegations. Worn by his star Kylian Mbappe, who has remained loyal to L1, PSG promises to become the firm favorite … Read more

Tuition fees for the month of July: the imbroglio continues

Several private schools have announced their decision to exempt parents of students from tuition fees for the month of July 2022, including those who had not paid the month of September. A situation that is causing real confusion, according to the Alliance of Private Education in Morocco. explanation. The controversy over the July tuition waiver … Read more

Stand. Thalassemia in Morocco, between a curative treatment at 100,000 dirhams and a preventive cost at 500 dirhams

The cost of a bone graft in Morocco, as a definitive treatment for thalassemia, ranges between 70,000 and 100,000 dirhams. And an estimated 10,000 people are affected by this hereditary blood disease. Its prevention does not cost more than 500 dirhams… If the standard therapeutic treatment of thalassemia is very heavy, ie blood transfusions with … Read more