Beaten by Laval, the SCB misses its recovery

1time Ligue 2 days SC Bastia 0 – 2 Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC (0-1) Armand Cesari Stadium in Furiani Natural lawn in poor condition Weather: clear – moderate westerly wind with gusts of 50 km/h. Temperature: 26 dg Spectators: about 9000. Central Referee: Nicolas Rainville Assistant Referee 1: Bertrand Corcuff Assistant Referee 2: Stephan Pignatelli … Read more

The GFCA thinks big!

“Impossible is not GFCA”! The famous joke of the late Fanfan Tagliaglioli takes on its full dimension with the club’s new projects presented this morning at the Ange Casanova stadium by GFCA president Yohan Carta. The latter announces the color from the start…red and blue of course! “The most important goalhe points out, cis the … Read more

the new novel by Michèle Acquaviva-Pache

– Michele, is that you Lina? – Yes, I just changed the name. It was the name of one of my grandfather’s most beautiful sisters. – This road trip dates back to 1966, why publish it 56 years later? – I had taken notes at the time but then I was 22 years old and … Read more