5 good used family SUVs under €10,000

Weeks pass and the restoration of a stable situation for the production and supply of cars in the world is no closer. Because after two years of Covid, all kinds of shortages and a major military conflict in Eastern Europe are shaking the global industry again. Even if changing your car doesn’t seem to be … Read more

Welcome and education of Ukrainian children

Welcome to Ukrainian students: The national education staff is fully mobilized to ensure rapid schooling and in the most normal conditions possible for students from Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainian citizens и громадянин аїни та прибуваєте у Францію?ерегляньте ажливу ормацію Welcoming students from Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees Ensuring access to education Articles L.111-1 and L.114-1 … Read more

Milan Fashion Week: hands up!

In the imagination of fashion, of course, there is the stylistic appearance of the Parisian, but also the unique glamor of the Italian. A sex appeal that designers revisited on their runways during Milan Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, September 21-27, celebrating bodies and revealing skins. versace. VERSACE At Versace, Donatella Versace expresses sensuality through the … Read more

Géhane Kamel: In the name of the families

She’s got this right side in her boots and this emotion that she’s not hiding. Coroner Géhane Kamel caught my attention long before she was arrested last spring for “bias”, for her harsh interventions during the hearings on the death of Attikamek Joyce Echaquan, in Joliette. For the shock that his final report subsequently caused … Read more

Vividata unveils its latest Metrica Fusion database at the CCC

Canada’s media and consumer research firm Vividata published his database CCC Metrica Fusion of winter 2022. Merger of theCanadian Consumer Research (CCS) Winter 2022 from Vividata to the passive measurement of digital consumers of Metric† This new, unified database captures online and offline consumer behavior, giving researchers, marketers and strategists a more comprehensive view of … Read more

More than 500 professionals missing from Quebec’s school network

More than 500 professional job openings posted in the public school network remain vacant due to a lack of candidates. The unions attribute this ‘silent shortage’ of psychologists, remedial teachers and speech therapists mainly to more attractive working conditions in the private sector, despite catching up in recent negotiations with Quebec. “You may have money … Read more