The violence of the viral | The press

the Star Wars That ? Posted on March 26 child, like Star Wars Kidnamed after one of the most viral sequences on the Internet, from the Internet’s Paleolithic era, dating back to 2002. To this day, it remains a cult clip, the founder of a certain digital virality. the Star Wars Kid became – reluctantly … Read more

RAV4 hybrid | A corroded $6800 cable is a pain

One of the most popular vehicles known for their reliability, the Toyota RAV4 hybrid irritates and unsettles many owners. High voltage wiring will corrode severely on models less than three years old. Repair Cost: Over $6500. Posted at 6.30am For the first time in his life, Jean-Thomas Landry has created a private Facebook group to … Read more

Paris Fashion Week: fashion for the platform

Loewe. LOEWE What do you see at a fashion show? Clothes that are in the shops six months later, of course. Trunk footage for Instagram, of course. Some designers at Paris Fashion Week, which runs from February 28 to March 8, are taking it further. Conceptual reflections, humanist and pacifist statements, ecological ambitions… For them, … Read more

Seven proposals to stimulate sustainable mobility

——————– COMMERCIAL BREAK ——————– A new investment plan, a single title, a time office… The Group of Transport Authorities (Gart) presents its proposals to candidates for the presidential elections to promote mobility. In 2019, just before the health crisis, 73% of French people said they use public transport regularly. Based on this observation, a few … Read more

Pfizer: Electric Shocks, Burns… What Is Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, A Vaccine Side Effect?

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) issued a report in March 2022 on the monitoring of adverse reactions after vaccination against Covid-19 with Pfizer-BioNTech. Electric shocks, strictures … unpleasant symptoms noted in some patients who have received the Pfizer vaccine, also known as “Comirnaty”. ANSM experts conducted a new … Read more