A commercial shift to innovation strategy

A commercial shift to innovation strategy

It was an expected policy, but it is not a revolution that the Minister in charge of Regional Economic Development and the Minister of Economy and Innovation of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, proposed on Thursday, with the presentation of the new Quebec Strategy Research and Investment in Innovation. (SQRI2) 2022-2027. Ultimately, the minister resolutely wants the … Read more

A bit of 9 to 11 after your 9 to 5?

It’s 9 o’clock. Dinner is over, the children are in bed. Some take the opportunity to read a book, others to watch TV. For many employees, it’s time to get out of the computer and finish the day’s work. “We call it the third peak phenomenon,” explains News Javier Hernandez, principal investigator in Microsoft Research’s … Read more

Alibaba conquers brands

With over 1,800 French brands featured on Alibaba’s platforms, including Hermès and L’Oréal, how did they market themselves in the Chinese market? Brands choose the Alibaba Group to take advantage of our digital sales tools, especially as international travel is subject to restrictions. Our digital marketplace offers e-commerce solutions for structures of all sizes, from … Read more

the title at stake in England and Italy

Germany: Leipzig aims for first trophy With the Bundesliga over on Saturday, most players in Germany are already on holiday, with the exception of internationals… and cup finalists. In the absence of Bayern Munich, German champions but defeated early in the cup, the unexpected final on Saturday (8pm) pits Freiburg against Leipzig, who are both … Read more

the media is also grabbing the frenzy…

Dedicated broadcasts, exclusive issue and even new publication: various traditional or specialized media are seizing the frenzy around the “web3” to decipher the problems associated with the new evolution of the Internet, such as the “blockchain”, the technology behind cryptocurrencies and the “NFTs”. A paper magazine dedicated to “web3” and distributed free of charge to … Read more