An oligarch at the heart of the war against Hydro in Maine

In its struggle to bring its clean electricity to Massachusetts, Hydro-Québec has faced several adversaries, including a renowned billionaire close to Vladimir Poutine, who is a shareholder of a major player in the gas industry. Hydro-Québec lost the battle last November. Indeed, in a referendum, 59% of voters in Maine said no to the New … Read more

What Star Wars Kid Says About Us

Sorry, your browser does not support videos Chantal Guy The press In 2003 Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist, but like 1 billion internet users I shared the video called Star Wars Kid with my friends. It showed a clumsy teenager passionately wielding a pretense of a laser sword as he stumbled into a small studio. … Read more

Book news | The press

News, novelties, meetings with authors, interviews… The press informs you about what is going on in the book world. Posted on March 26 Veronique Larocque The press Laila Maalouf The press Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba in the race for the Booksellers’ Prize in France The novel of Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba waterfowl, published in Quebec by XYZ editions (in … Read more

electric, LPG and ethanol are doing well

Unsurprisingly, the car market is still shrinking in the first quarter of 2022, with only a few rare brands holding their own. All car brands strongly agreed at the start of the year, when presenting their 2021 results, that the first quarter of 2022 would still be very difficult for car sales. And it is … Read more

The 10 best Easter chocolates of 2022

1. Lecavalier Petrone Lecavalier Petrone make smaller to work chocolate art. Convenient in Pointe-Saint-Charles in Montreal, the primary goal of this chocolate factory is to produce treats that are as beautiful as they are good. For Easter, the store offers several options, but our favorite is the surprise eggs, because they allow you to taste … Read more

Nunavik, central theme of a children’s magazine

2000 km from Montreal, in Quebec’s northernmost village, Ivujivik, Thomassie Mangiok, multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer and digital content creator, coordinated the work of artists, be they authors or illustrators, all Inuit. Guest editor Thomassie had carte blanche. So he scoured the area to find the best. He surrounded himself with Hannah Tooktoo, Beatrice Deer, Lisi … Read more

Sticky Rice, an uninhibited magazine about local Asian identity | 1000 faces, one country

The Asian community is so diverse with different ethnic and cultural backgroundssays Viet Tran, editor-in-chief of the magazine sticky rice† “And within this group, whether you are a man, woman or trans person, you experience things differently. I think we need to raise awareness about the issues of intersectionality. † According to him, the Asian … Read more