When two artists play with fire

MAGAZINE. Fire: this destructive element, this dangerous element. While parents yell at their kids to tell their kids not to play with fire, Sabrina Fontaine and Anthony Desjourdy do the exact opposite. These two artists use fire as a method of expression. Sabrina juggles bolas, also called poï, small masses attached to the end of … Read more

Yes, Marine Le Pen is still far right!

Éric Zemmour multiplies the controversies over identity issues? Marine Le Pen and her immediate environment try not to outbid each other. Éric Zemmour broadcasting excesses and punchlines on social networks? Marine Le Pen avoids any xenophobic outing and prefers to pose with her cats on TikTok. Éric Zemmour pulls the judge outside the walls and … Read more

Iga Świątek | The new queen of tennis

With the retirement of Ashleigh Barty, Iga Świątek was assured of taking over the number one spot in the world. Nevertheless, she confirmed her title with panache by winning the Miami tournament. She can now take her place on her throne. Posted at 10:00 am Nicholas Richard The press Before Miami, there was Indian Wells. … Read more