Legislative: what the polls predict

Jean-Luc Mélenchon imagines succeeding a newly appointed Elisabeth Borne, Emmanuel Macron plans to rule with a loyal majority, the judge hopes to save the furniture, Marine Le Pen begins to dream of finally crossing the threshold of 15 deputies The Greens are determined to find a place in the hemisphere, while Socialists and Communists rely … Read more

Morbid obesity: BMI, consequences, management

Obesity is a multifactorial adipose tissue disease, characterized by excessive accumulation of fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as a chronic disease since 1997. In France, it is still recognized – and treated – as a long-term condition (ALD). However, the impact is getting louder: it affects almost 8 million French people … Read more

Assurancia wins 3rd Vertdure Cup

Captain Tommy Lafontaine with the Vertdure Cup (Jean Doyon) – The Thetford Assurancia eventually took a final win in these 2022 LNAH play-offs as, after knocking out the Sorel-Tracy Sparrowhawks in four games during the semi-finals, they did the same to the Petroliers du Nord de Laval in the final , also winning in four … Read more

Are we fellow fighters of the war in Ukraine?

85 Defining cobelligerency is not just a matter of words, nor is it an argument between researchers: it is a status that can change everything. If the United States or France were identified as fellow combatants by Vladimir Putin’s Russia because of their military support to Ukraine, they would de facto the direct enemy of … Read more

UN Climate Report | Indicators higher than ever

Sea level rise, concentration of greenhouse gases, global temperature: the key indicators of climate change are higher than ever. A new UN report released on Wednesday again sounds the alarm about “humanity’s failure” against the environmental crisis. Posted at 5:00 am Henri Ouellette-Vezina The press “Humanity’s Greatest Challenge” PHOTOGRAPH DENIS BALIBOUSE, REUTERS Petteri Taalas, head … Read more