Football. László Bölöni will be presented, girls extending and an ex-Garnet in Australia … This is the news from FC Metz

László Bölöni presented this Friday László Bölöni, appointed as the head of the FC Metz team last week, will be officially presented this Friday morning. The Romanian coach (69) will probably tell more about the contours of his technical staff and especially who his deputy will be. The question is whether Benoît Tavenot will continue … Read more

NFL Draft | hope for now…

Over the past decade, the NFL Draft has practically become an industry in its own right in the United States. Several specialists, starting with the one who pioneered the field nearly 40 years ago, Mel Kiper (ESPN), work and write on the concept throughout the year. Posted on April 28 Miguel Bujold The press How … Read more

Zidane trusts and leaves the door open

Emmanuel LANGELLIER, Media365: published on Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 11:10 am While he has been heralded as the likely future coach of PSG for some time, Zinedine Zidane speaks on the subject as well as the role of coach of the French team. This June 23, 2022 is an event date. Zinédine Zidane, one … Read more

World Cup 2022, International SOS on the ground!

Renewed post-Covid activity From Dubai, the regional hub where it opened its first special assistance center in the Middle East in 2009, International SOS operates across the region, extending to Iraq and even Northern Europe. The scope of Sébastien Bedu and his teams thus largely covers all countries of the Gulf: “Currently, there is a … Read more

The different ways to bet on football

sports betting all the sports betting do not require you to spend real money. Indeed, it is also possible to bet between friends, just for fun. This is the case, for example, with online sports betting. These platforms allow you to bet on your favorite team or players. Likewise, it is also possible to bet … Read more