Sex education in school, a new reason for culture war

(Washington) Don’t talk about gender identity or sexual orientation in the classroom, ban books on these topics from libraries… In the United States, bills that curtail discussions about homosexuality or trans-identity with children are proliferating, causing the cultural war dividing the country flares up again . Posted on February 9 Leah DAUPLE Media agency France … Read more

Open letter to the Minister of Education | Where was the student protector?

Minister Robert,As a reminder of our many discussions and our exchanges, I could have started my letter with “dear Jean-François”, but I have chosen the formalities and decorum that return to the role of your function. Posted on February 11 Martin Legault Master of Education, Ontario Certified Teacher, Ottawa I congratulate you on having remained … Read more

Cannabis Education: Millions of Unused Dollars

This initiative was launched in 2018 by the Liberal government of Brian Gallant as the legalization of cannabis in Canada approached. Its mission is to fund projects that primarily focus on responsible consumption and are funded by cannabis suppliers. The latter contribute 2% of the turnover to Cannabis NB. Since its inception, more than $2.3 … Read more

Quebec invests $200 million in education in Drummondville

EDUCATION. The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, was in the region to inaugurate the Marconi school while formalizing the start of the reconstruction of the 2 Rivières primary school in Saint-Lucien and that of the new secondary school in Drummondville. These projects represent a total investment of $200 million. Last September, the Marconi School welcomed … Read more