Herning 2022: The tricolor flag flies on the world flying skills!

What an incredible day for our French flyers! The team and our three individuals started the competition today with mandatory tests. And as this FEI press release states: “Vive la France”! In the Ladies, Manon Moutinho takes the provisional lead, just like the team for their first game. Full card also for men as our two representatives, Lambert Leclezio and Quentin Jabet take first and second place respectively! Relive that crazy day in Herning, Denmark!

This morning in Herning it was the teams that got the ball rolling for this day of world championships. Our six acrobats, Manon Moutinho, Lambert Leclezio, Jeanne Braun, Louis Dumont, Dorian Terrier and Quentin Jabet, set the tone for this imposed event at 9:00am for the first time on the court with a total score of 8,068 points, associated with Londontime and Corinne Bosshard . Score that the thirteen other teams in competition will not match or surpass, the Germans finish second with 7,940 points. A great start for this team, which is experiencing its first game here!

Davy Delaire, national coach, gave his feeling after this stage: “ There are always little things that can be improved. All in all it is still very positive. Not everything is perfect and the competition is not over yet, there are still important steps to take. It will be really decisive in the freestyle on Monday. We know that the Germans are very strong and have achieved very high scores all year. We don’t have an evaluation with internationals because we chose not to take them out. »

The team scores 8,068 points ©PSV

Manon Moutinho takes the lead

At the women’s event, there was only one French representative and not least, Manon Moutinho, associated with Saitiri and Corinne Bosshard, the winning trio of the Leipzig World Cup final in April. Passed in the middle of the event, the young woman caused a sensation while also achieving her personal best, with an imposed score of 8.445, less than 0.1 points from Germany’s Alina Rob. A good start for those who should experience their last championships here.

It’s great, it’s the first time I’ve done an 8.4 in the imposed, it was a bit here or never. The outing I could have done better, I injured my knee last week and I didn’t do much so I was a bit covered, it’s a bit frustrating. I have worked a lot for this program, especially thanks to Bamdad, my trainer. I think last year I came out with 8.0 or 8.1, and that’s a huge 0.3 points higher and it puts me in the individual competition well, so that’s really cool.
Saitiri was really good, I found her super relaxed. My lanyard, Corinne, did just the right thing. We’ve been working together for a year and a half, I think she’s comfortable and so am I, I really bond with her and that’s what workedexplains Manon Moutinho after his visit. Before the duties I wasn’t particularly stressed, we had worked with my choreographer so my duties were set to the music that we normally don’t do at all and I think that gave me a plus. When there’s music I know to do my exercise, it doesn’t give me much time to think and that’s helped me. »

Manon Moutinho and Corinne Bosshard ©PSV

Quentin Jabet makes a strong impression

After the women, places before the men! And on the French clan side, our two acrobats had talent to spare. Quentin Jabet, the first to start his imposed program, associated with Ronaldo 200 and Andréa Boe, sparks a first wave of cheers in the French clan. Without any problems, his passage earned him a score of 8,666 points and a second place in the provisional standings at the end of the event. A nice reward for this trio that has only been playing together since the beginning of the year:

I am very satisfied with this first pass, it was difficult to pick up. We prepared as best we could during the last practice sessions in Saumur and we managed to show what we can do on track today, so very happy with the work done with the trio and the staff. I had good feelings. The warm up yesterday was a bit difficult for the horse with the arena, the stands, the quite big circle, there is the big panel at the top that is a lot of information for him besides the vaulter and height, but we recovered well today. He’s a tough horse, but he’s cute, he’s really a little teddy bear, I love him. I will approach the next two days in the same way. I’m not going to shut up and go with what I can do with all the work we’ve done so far, sit with the horse and try to run the programs as best I can. »

Quentin Jabet leaves the track with 8,666 points and a second place ©PSV

Lambert Leclezio untouchable!

Multiple medalist, Lambert Leclezio is clearly the man to follow in this world championship. This afternoon, on the circuit of Jyske Bank Boxen, his imposed blow will have given us the shivers. Impressive in technique and fluidity, he seems to fly on his Estado*IFCE and forms one with the horse and his height, Loïc Devedu. In the audience, the trainers and the entire staff did not miss anything from the demonstration that the trio had reserved for the jury. Stratospheric, as Davy Delaire later described it. And in the end, the results are unprecedented, with a personal and world best of 9,240 points. Unbeatable.

I tried to have as much fun as possible with Estado, I felt really good about it. For once he gave me real confidence from the start and I was really good with him. I think it’s a track that he really likes because it’s a really big track, much bigger than the usual ones and it’s a horse that needs a lot of space to speak out. There are clearly two or three things that could be improved, but I don’t know if it can be seen from the outside, because it’s a feeling. No one had ever mandated more than 9, so we thought it would be incredible to have 9, but here 9.2… it’s just incredible.
There is a very large plateau, but that is normal because it works in cycles. Everyone is preparing for a four-year cycle and since we’re not at the Olympics, it’s a bit like our Olympics. Of course people are more invested, they have worked harder and then we also had the covid that stopped everything and last year was a bit of a year to get back on the road. There it exploded ‘ said the reigning world champion.

Lambert Leclezio made history in aerobatics with 9,240 points ©PSV

Lambert he was stratospheric, he didn’t touch the groundruled David Delaire. It’s funny because Lambert never imposed a 9, it was also a way for his colleagues to chamber him. He gave a demonstration. We are very happy and the horse was great too. Now we don’t have to demobilize, stay focused, exactly. It’s a team that has a lot of desire and it’s true that the fact that they all perform also pulls them up more, it’s a team that is really valuable. »

Don’t miss to follow the rest of the competition, with this Sunday’s technical programs, and the Monday off. A beautiful French-German duel awaits us!

Full results HERE.

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