Football: Laurent Peyrelade ‘very upset’ after Adilson Malanda’s departure from Rodez

Before taking delivery of Bordeaux tonight at 7pm, the Rodez coach returned to the departure of Adilson Malanda and regretted that the squad was too small. The president has calmed things down by promising imminent arrivals.

It’s not every day that Rodez faces a giant of French football. And yet, during the press conference the day before the game, there was hardly any mention of Bordeaux’s visit to Paul-Lignon on Saturday, August 6 at 7 p.m. President Pierre-Olivier Murat invited himself to speak after his coach, Laurent Peyrelade, which is always a sign of a hot topic.

This time it was a matter of recruitment and the state of the workforce after Adilson Malanda’s confirmed departure to the United States and his loan finally canceled in Rodez. Contrary to what was initially announced by the Raf, the central defender will not remain in blood and gold until the end of the calendar year. Something to annoy Laurent Peyrelade, who currently only has three central defenders available. “The problem is we lose one player a weekhe complained. It’s starting to get complicated.”

Peyrelade: ‘We are getting poorer in sport’

“There are many things that annoy mecontinued the technician. I can understand that we recruit too late. That we let players lose, that can be explained. But if we get rich financially, we get poorer in sportsBefore Adilson Malanda, he had already faced two major dropouts in defense, those of Johann Obiang (Caen) and Julien Célestine (Leon, Mexico). And only the first was replaced, by Akim Abdallah.

“Today I am very upset. We have a great game to play and we are talking about boring stuffchained Peyrelade. If you want to perform, you have to keep your best players. Here we are losing them. I’m happy for them, they have some big challenges. But from the club’s point of view… We have to pray that our players don’t get injured, because we’re not that many.”

Murat: ‘Three players will arrive on Monday or Tuesday’

He may have been reassured by his president’s speech announcing the imminent arrival of reinforcements. “Three players will come on Monday or Tuesday”he assured. And that may not be all. “Late next week, on a slightly more complicated file, maybe another”added the leader.

Enough to clear up any misunderstandings? To have. Because Laurent Peyrelade and Pierre-Olivier Murat, not to mention deep disagreements, were not in phase in addressing the staffing situation. “What happens is part of managing a coachbrought up the latter. He loses two executives in defense who were not executives when they arrived at the club.” And to continue: “The chairman chairs, he makes the decisions; the manager directs, he offers me profiles; the coach has to coach.”

Laurent Peyrelade’s wish is to provide for a larger group that will never experience a departure. “We didn’t have to add files, and that annoys mebrought up the latter. I understand the position of the club very well, that makes sense. But sometimes we disagree. And today we disagree.” And that happens on the day of a prestigious poster.

“At midnight I had canceled the transfer”

Finally, he does not return to Rodez. After leaving for the United States for a few days to complete his transfer to the club Charlotte, Adilson Malanda would take advantage of the fact that the next major league football season will not resume until February to stay with Raf until December 31. .

“It was a wish of ours and theirs,” said Pierre-Olivier Murat. The Raf had also announced this operation on Thursday 4 August when formalizing the transfer of the defender. Only, according to Raf’s president, the common will stumbled on a regulation point of the MLS, which prevented the defender’s loan.

A turnaround that canceled almost everything in the night from Thursday to Friday. “At midnight I canceled the transfer with Charlotte,” assured Murat. Before returning to his position a little later, at the insistence of the player.

“At 4 AM, Adilson called me and said, ‘President, I understand your position, but I beg you, I want to stay here,'” the leader said. He was completely upside down all season.” Urgent action was then needed to find common ground. “The MLS transfer market closed at 6am French time. We have found an additional agreement,” he said, without specifying the terms.

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