Football: Can Xamax and his coach stand up together?


FootballCan Xamax and his coach stand up together?

Neuchâtel single-handedly invented the beginning of a crisis, it is now firmly rooted in it. The accounting reality says that there are four zero point matches, the content is much less serious. Andrea Binotto goes through a real turbulent zone.

Andrea Binotto has been in charge of Xamax since early 2021.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

It was short, but absolutely clear. The facts were reminded of Andrea Binotto a few minutes later the 3-2 defeat to Yverdon. The advantage his team had taken, the defensive error that cost the 2-2, the heavy but not unfair penalty that followed, Ange Dakouri’s failure against the empty goal in the 89th for a 3 -3 that will never exist. In short, this bad luck for the Basques of Neuchâtel, not helped by some serious individual mistakes, which led to a fourth loss in a row. “You’ve got it all sorted out. And in the end I’m the idiot who will pay.

Realism or fatalism, the future will tell. But if these words came out of the Neuchâtel coach’s mouth, it’s because the context in which Xamax is currently immersed is not right. The Rouge et Noir kicked off the derby on Friday under a “Like you, still on holidays” banner from their supporters, accompanied by some plastic palm trees. It’s a good war, even quite funny and well thought out. On the other hand, coming to the field to bark at players visibly affected by the situation suggests a deeper malaise.

The Neuchâtelois didn't need anyone on Friday night to be disappointed.

The Neuchâtelois didn’t need anyone on Friday night to be disappointed.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Is the reaction of the fans just a witness to the poor results of their protégés? She sure is, knowing that the post-game altercations would never have existed in a world where Xamax wasn’t stuck in last place after four rounds. But we can also read the echo of a club that does not breathe serenity. Rather, let’s say: from a club that didn’t want serenity and now has to move forward despite the headwinds it has created itself. On all levels.

“And in the end I’m the jerk who will pay.”

Andrea Binotto, coach of Neuchatel Xamax

The eyes go first to Jean-François Collet. The chairman of NE Xamax has a club to run, the best driving force is of course winning on the pitch. The team doesn’t win, so the boss can’t be satisfied. Logic. That said, there is reason to question his statements. Call a “commando match” after only two defeats, talk about the start of the championship”catastrophic” on the third setback, these are strong words. Words that generate uncertainty and make Xamax seem like a dropped team. If not, we’ll get back to that.

As far as the owner of the club generally appreciated his team’s latest practice, that Neuchâtel had a much less excited summer than some previous ones and that his relationship with his coach seemed good, it may be surprising that “Jeff” Collet de alarm bells on this point. Or you should read his response through the comments that are likely to ring his ears.

The Vaudois of Neuchâtel

There is probably something for everyone. Some inevitably hostile to Andrea Binotto. He the Waldenses perhaps bringing up a more identity slump. Xamax is a club from Neuchâtel largely run by Vaudois, from management to staff. That’s not how you change a president. A trainer, on the other hand… It should not be forgotten that the technician could probably have gone elsewhere this summer. As proof of the good vibes then prevailing in the club and of the work yet to be continued, he remained faithful to the Rouge et Noir.

So the central question arises: Can Xamax and Andrea Binotto stand up together? As for the terrain, probably. Even though a problem threatens to emerge, the signs of stress, which were already seen against Yverdon on Friday, are not going to get any better. Until the first win anyway. This stress is also the role of the coach to channel it. Despite this, the residents of La Maladière were very close to achieving this first success in the derby, just as they could have won it on their first three outings. That against Wil (2-0) was unpalatable? It’s true. The others have reported an improved Xamax, sometimes attractive, sometimes vulnerable.

The point after the arrival of the LS

Except that level does not mean above the plot. It is also a heavy burden to currently represent NE Xamax: the club no longer belongs to the elite of national football financially and sportingly. But it raises expectations disproportionate to its resources. His “natural” place is certainly not that undignified 10th place in the Challenge League, but it’s not quite that of a Super League team either.

What the field is saying is that Neuchâtel looked Aarau, Schaffhausen and Yverdon in the eye. But that his individual mistakes and certain unfortunate events have always caused him to end the game in the shoes of the loser. In other words, Xamax knows how to create highs, less manage its weak times. A problem that rests on both the players and the coach, but nothing that seems irreparable. Aside from the dangers they are willing to imagine, the people of Neuchâtel are far from distressed.

Friday morning in the columns ofArch info, Jean-François Collet explained that a point would be made, regardless of the results, after next Friday’s game against Lausanne-Sport. Not easy as a duel to bring back the peace.

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