A hidden treasure for all occasions

By Cassandre Baillargeon

THE EXPRESS MAGAZINE. Camouflaged in the heart of Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults, Villa Momentum is full of surprises. The owner, Michelle Rajotte, makes sure everyone feels at home.

Villa Momentum is located on the main street 305 in Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

Upon entering the Villa, which was once the village’s supermarket, visitors are captivated by the myriad of details available to them. From the music corner through the kitchen that can be seen behind the counter to the multiple mismatched pieces of furniture, each with their own character, the eye of a person is unable to capture all the subtleties of the place in just a few minutes. “Whoever comes, feels at home, as if he is coming to someone’s home. They stay in the doorway and look around. It has about the same effect on everyone,” says Ms Rajotte.

A host of details are offered to all who enter the villa. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

For her, the warmth emanating from her villa and the love that has gone into every stage of the project have a lot to do with it. “My goal is that people feel good in a quiet place. I want to be able to bring people happiness, peace, something different from what is done elsewhere,” emphasizes the owner.

In the form of a café-bistro, Villa Momentum has a terrace at the front and one at the back where the soothing sound of the Nicolet River can be heard.

A tailor-made project

Michelle Rajotte doesn’t hide it, she always has an idea in mind, a new project to accomplish. For this 62-year-old woman who started her business in 2018, anything is possible within her establishment.

The Villa Momentum also doubles as a small craft shop (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

Planned to become a cafe with rooms for certain employees of the family business Les Cultures de chez nous, the project has been transformed. Today it is a bistro, mini-grocery and mini-crafts shop with a meeting room upstairs.

Villa Momentum is also a family story. It was the owner’s sister-in-law who designed the plans for the establishment. She was also the one who, along with Mrs. Rajotte, restored certain furniture. Patrick, one of the brothers of the woman whom her employees call Mrs. Michelle, comes with his wife to help in the kitchen.

La Brigittoise, who is guided from day to day, is thinking of adding shows to its offer soon.

The Saturdays are currently reserved for groups, but the great founder of Villa Momentum wants to go even further. , but you are the chef who determines the menu with me and invites people, explains the entrepreneur. Sometimes people want to entertain but don’t have the space, it could be here.”

For Mrs Rajotte, nothing is set in stone in her oasis of calm, everything is possible and that is part of what drives her every day.

The importance of the moment

From the dining room it is possible to glimpse the kitchen of the establishment. (Photo: Cassandre Baillargeon)

Another thing that surprises him is when people discover his company by chance. “I’m lucky when people happen to come here and they love it,” she says. As fast as she can, Mrs. Rajotte takes the time to give her visitors a good welcome. She loves to entertain, it’s not for nothing that she started her villa, she loves people. “For a long time, without knowing it too much, I’ve always been someone who got a lot in his life, parties were always held at my house, I’m happy to welcome,” reveals the one supported by three other people in the villa .

It is especially by appreciating every moment of life and every combination of circumstances that Ms. Rajotte has found the name of her company. This is also what she has been trying to share since she closed her visit to L’Express with ten small meaningful words. “The Villa Momentum is an experience, a unique moment”.

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