Football: Yvon Mvogo in Lorient: “It is football that appeals to me”


FootballYvon Mvogo in Lorient: “It’s football that appeals to me”

The 28-year-old resident of Friborg is now a goalkeeper in the Ligue 1. His Breton adventure starts on Sunday against Rennes.

In Lorient, Yvon Mvogo leaves with the status of holder in a major European championship.

fresh focus

This time for Yvon Mvogo, the hope is concrete. He can imagine being a goalkeeper with a big championship. At 28 it was time. “In football there is never a 100% guarantee, but expectations have been placed in me: they wanted to bring me in, I felt that desire,” describes the new FC Lorient porter. The Fribourgeois can rejoice: he will officially discover Ligue 1 against Rennes on Sunday.

This choice is not trivial. The former Young Boys player has always been clear about his intentions: to leave Leipzig permanently (which did not see the future with him) for one of the five biggest European Championships and with the conviction to leave there as number one. After a few weeks and several offers from Spain and England in particular, his choice fell on Lorient in mid-July.

“It’s a club where you can play at the highest level,” he explains. Namely in a very high championship, with world class players. I wanted to discover this level, having only started in Switzerland and the Netherlands. And then things went very well with the general manager, the team manager and the coach. I had other offers on the table, but the feeling was in my eyes a very important criterion.

A game idea

Man cannot be neglected. Neither does the athlete. In fact, it is essential for the international to make every four selections. The first weeks next to the starting coach Régis Le Bris convinced him: “I was introduced to a team that wants to play football and does not expect the goalkeeper to swing forward, specifies Mvogo. It’s about restarting from behind, always starting clean, doubling the passes, even if that means not always taking too many risks. It’s football that appeals to me. I couldn’t see myself in a team practicing kick and rush. So I’m tempted.” The word that connects the deeds.

“It’s a football that appeals to me. I couldn’t see myself in a team practicing kick and rush»

Yvon Mvogo, new goalkeeper of FC Lorient

But until when? Last season Lorient did not have a peaceful exercise. The Hakes only received their maintenance in Ligue 1 on the penultimate day. To say they are not going into this new season with complete confidence is an understatement. Especially in a championship that will relegate four teams (out of twenty) to his term. The objectives are therefore well-targeted. And Yvon Mvogo managed to take it in: “The main idea is of course to stay in Ligue 1. I came here to gain experience, but also to bring mine to the team to go there. But why not aim higher? We are a team with ambitions and I feel everyone is concerned.

“The cards are in my hands”

For Mvogo, advocating maintenance is a first. Not enough to exert more pressure than nature. “You just have to know how to be rigorous in your job,” he swipes. There is a goal here: to work as well as possible to achieve collective, but also personal goals. If de Marlinois chose Brittany, it is also because in his view it was the best chance of being part of the list of the Swiss team that will compete at the World Cup in Qatar next November.

Present at the European Championship last year, before falling victim to starving playing time at PSV Eindhoven, he was recalled to League of Nations matches in June by Murat Yakin as the fourth goalkeeper. A way to show his interest. And to give it another boost: “I’m confident in my abilities, I know I’m a hard worker, he motivates himself. I know I will be watched. I hold the cards and it’s up to me to be consistent. I regularly speak with Patrick Foletti (Editor’s note: Swiss team goalkeeper coach) and he was one of the first to congratulate me on my transfer.

The selection process for Qatar starts on Sunday.

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