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It is in front of his new supporters that Pier-Olivier Lestage is 25 . celebratese birthday, Thursday night. New to the Alouettes, the offensive lineman should be in a reserve role in uniform.

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Miguel Bujold

Miguel Bujold
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Lestage, a former University of Montreal Carabins, spent the 2021 season with the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. Released by the Seahawks a few weeks ago, the Quebecer joined the Alouettes, who took the 10 . had madee 2021 CFL Draft Outlook.

The former psychology and sociology student is currently getting acquainted with his new script and his new environment.

“It’s going really well. I don’t know everything yet, but I’d say I’ll master the script pretty quickly. I think I’ve mastered the basics. I already felt much more comfortable on my second training day [lundi] than during my first [dimanche].

“I know so many guys on the team, both players and coaches, that integration is easy.”

Notably, Lestage was Marc-Antoine Dequoy and Régis Cibasu’s teammate at the Carabins, in addition to being led by Danny Maciocia, who drafted him about 15 months ago.

“He is a player who will have a say in our success. He will have a decent career here in Montreal,” predicted Maciocia, who is likely to use his new player sporadically until he is even better acquainted with the club’s attacking system.

“He didn’t have a training camp and he has to learn our playbook, but we will use him in certain formations,” explained the general manager and interim head coach.

According to Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, offensive line coach, learning about his new foal shouldn’t take long.

“His technique is very good so you can tell he has worked well on his football. He has a stable base and knows how to distribute his weight well. He also has good integrity in the way he takes on the defensive player. But it is his ability to process information that has been the most striking factor for me since he joined the team.”

A plan B that makes him happy

It ended abruptly for Lestage with the Seahawks, but he will have fond memories of his time with the Northwest team.

“Even though I was circumcised, I am happy with the year I spent in Seattle, I learned a lot and I met great people. It was a very enriching experience.

“To survive my first training camp with the Seahawks and spend a year in Seattle, I think it’s a win for me. I know there aren’t many players who have played Canadian college football who have managed to do that. »

The Seahawks didn’t really give Lestage an explanation for his resignation. Younger offensive linemen joined the team and the Quebecer suspects this ultimately led to his departure.

“I knew and 15 minutes later I was no longer in the building,” he said.

Lestage has not put an end to his dream of playing in the NFL, even though he would be very happy with a career in the CFL

“After every season in the CFL, there’s an opportunity where players can chat with NFL teams. Of course, if good opportunities arise, I will study them. The NFL is the best league in the world and we all want to play with the best.

“But if that doesn’t work, I can see myself having a career in the CFL. I just want to play football and if I do it in Montreal I will be very happy. This is where my family and friends are, so I’m super happy to be here. »

Several of Lestage’s relatives and friends will attend Thursday night’s game between the Alouettes and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Their favorite player is unlikely to see much playing time in his first CFL game, but it’s probably only a matter of time before he becomes a key cog in the offensive line.

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