Plus size fashion new arrivals fall-winter 2021-2022

Boosted by the web and in particular by the #bodypositive movement aimed at creating a different image of the female body, the fashion industry has finally become more inclusive. Wearing clothes larger than size 44 is no longer considered shameful. Then leave the dictates of fashion and their selection of sizes a little too limited. It’s been a while since the big brands offer trendy clothes for curvy women that combine style, comfort and an impeccable fit. Trying to fit into a size 40 leather skirt when your waist size is 46 is a reflex to forget this fall-winter! So it’s up to you to find the fashion looks and plus size garments that will make the 2021-2022 fall-winter season! Flared jeans, trendy overshirts, ruffled dresses, flowing trench coats, quilted jackets… there is something for everyone!

Focus on the fall-winter 2021-2022 novelties that rhyme with plus size fashion and hot trends

Knowing your morpho is undoubtedly the best way to improve your body… and the plus size ladies you see below have got this right. And if fashion doesn’t stop at a size 40, these looks don’t prove style either. Different are all the luscious fashionistas who take on their curves and their voluptuous silhouettes on Instagram. So, full spotlight on the plus size fashion novelties that will make fall-winter 2021-2022 + some stylistic tips to adopt them well.

Flared Pants

plus size fashion new arrivals 2021 autumn ladies chic stretch flare jeans

Do you like to cover yourself from head to toe in black to hide your tummy and curves and look slimmer? We understand you! But this autumn-winter, the good reflex is to dress for pleasure and not to follow the precepts of plus size fashion! So pimp your total black look with good flared jeans made of stretch material with a high waist. Dress it all up with heeled ankle boots or military rangers with wedges and your charming fall look is ready! The more adventurous can of course swap the jeans for high-waisted beige pants that wrap enough to accentuate your curves and add a good dose of style to your black look.

ruffle dress

dress ruffles plus sizes women's clothing round fashion new arrivals autumn winter 2021 2022

In terms of new plus size fashion for 2021, the ruffled dress is at the top of this season’s trends. Glamorous and feminine, the ruffled piece is adorned with trendy prints to the delight of lavish beautistas. Contrary to popular belief, patterns are your friends. Prefer small and discreet. Dots, tiny flowers, fruit, vertical stripes… you’re spoiled for choice. In terms of color, you don’t just have to choose sober shades, on the contrary. Pastels, the nude trend and saturated colors are also on the agenda this fall. Aside from the ruffled dress, the button-up, slit and open-neckline styles that allow you to camouflage your complexes and show off your assets will also be shopped in the new season.

skater skirt

piece fashion plus size young woman autumn winter 2021 2022 quilted jacket

Midi-length, flared cut and subtle pleats at the waist, the skater skirt, like its bigger sister the skater dress, is in fashion. In leather, neoprene, cotton or pattern, the skating suit (says English speakers) has everything to improve your curves. The result ? The legs seem longer, the round belly and the roles are obliterated. How are you wearing it properly this fall? By day, opt for the tee and military rangers combo, while by night, pair it with a long-sleeved top and a pair of heeled pumps to lengthen up. The final look is more than hot! In the same vein, the pleated skirt and the wrap skirt are also ideal allies for combining plus size fashion with a trendy look. In winter, we choose them in leather!

Women’s overshirt

plus size women's clothing fashion new arrivals fall winter 2021 2022 women's overshirt

Does your heart swing between the essential denim jacket and the beautiful trench coat? So why not invest in a women’s overshirt? Sometimes a lumberjack, sometimes a work outfit, this piece has been hanging in men’s locker rooms for years. However, it is finding a second life thanks to the latest plus size fashion trends. If we like to wear the overshirt, it’s because it’s oversized and easy to wear. You just need to put it on a small turtleneck sweater and combine it with good accessories. Halfway between a throw and a safari jacket, the overshirt promises to sublimate all curves this autumn-winter. Thanks to the oversized cut, the printed look and the variety of materials, this is the essential piece that is missing from your collection of plus size coats and jackets. Lighter than the denim jacket for fall and cooler than the shirt dress, it offers a multitude of trendy plus size looks to copy.

Quilted jacket

mens plus sizes womens fashion fall winter 2021 2022

The jacket is the essential piece for autumn-winter. Choosing the right one is therefore important, especially if you are around. On the program this year: the quilted jacket! Lighter than a parka and flattering than a down jacket, it’s the mid-season star trend (and not only). For fashionistas who haven’t seen it yet, the down jacket takes an important place in the fashion trends of winter 2022. It is therefore only a matter of time before its little cousin also emerges as the highlight of the season. To adopt the imposing trend without going wrong, you have to adapt it to your morpho. If you want to strengthen your waist, opt for a belted model or add a good belt to balance the volumes. If you are short, prefer a short jacket to avoid bunching. If, on the other hand, you are tall, try the long version, or even XL.

Flowing Trench Coat

new arrivals fashion plus size ladies young autumn 2021 trench coat

The perfect ally for a successful women’s rain outfit, the trench coat overwhelms with style and floods the ready-to-wear collections every season. The trendy trench-style jacket (with or without sleeves) is long and slightly supple and is definitely one of the must-haves if you have a tummy or a roll. It is not for nothing that it has become an indispensable fashion item to always have in your wardrobe, both summer and winter. The adjustable waistband and the flared shape that falls just above the knees make it an ally that gives style and camouflages the curve of the tummy. The trench coat refines the build, embraces the curves and enhances any outfit that’s a little too basic. He is also open to all kinds of stylistic proposals. The flowing trench coat looks tough to wear, but has everything to accentuate any morpho, bring fluidity into motion and accentuate the femininity of luscious silhouettes. If it goes with everything, or almost, team it with a short skirt and a black long-sleeved bodysuit for an impeccably chic look.

Tunic Centered

plus size fashion pieces new arrivals fall winter 2021 2022

The layering trend isn’t just for skinny girls. Another plus-size fashion piece to shop for this fall is undoubtedly the tunic. Considered trendy and adapted to every morpho, the tunic is easy to wear in all circumstances, whether you are thin or round, short or tall, for the good reason that it goes with everything: wide or narrow pants, skater skirt or pencil, mom jeans or split jeans, white sneakers or sophisticated heels. The only limitation if you’re round: it’s better to choose a model that is centered just below the bust (or add an XL belt) to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and infinitely long legs.

A few round fashion tips to boost your look and be right in the fall-winter 2021-2022 trends

fashion plus size women's fashion fall winter 2021 2022 ashley graham

A common misconception among curvy women is to believe that leggings (or any other form-fitting piece) are prohibited. However, as revealed here by Ashley Graham, the most famous of the favorite ‘plus size’ models, you only need to master a few fashion codes to achieve a chic look that is right in line with current trends. . Say goodbye to baggy clothes, bet more on close-fitting pieces, provided you always value size!

black and white autumn look plus size curvy woman winter 2021 2022

Another trend that you should not overlook if you are curvy is the monochromatic look. Perfect for lengthening and slimming the silhouette, the trend in question guarantees you a star look without too much effort. How to adopt it without missing anything? Mix materials, play with shades and add a splash of color with the right accessories. Trendy and easy to take on, the monochromatic look is a real boon for luscious beautistas. The most desirable colors of the season are yours: beige, khaki, brown, pink, mauve, green, pastels, etc.

Monochrome look to make the silhouette longer and narrower

new fashion young plus size woman trend autumn winter 2021 2022

How do you wear the down jacket when you are small and round?

new arrivals in plus sizes women's fashion winter trend 2021 2022

Pleated skirt and thin turtleneck sweater

chic plus size fashion new arrivals for women winter 2021 2022

Layering isn’t just for skinny girls anymore

piece fashion plus size ladies autumn winter 2021 long trench coat coat

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