In the spotlight: a cloud of questions after the forest fires

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From the ashes left by the recent monster fires, sulfur-tasting questions now arise. ” Burning: the French forest [est-elle] in danger ? “, wonders Le Figaro Magazine. That is ” a tragedy “, we read. More than 20,000 hectares of forest devastation » in the Gironde, more than 40,000 hectares have been burned in France since the beginning of the year. ” The risks have never been greater », warns Le Figaro Magazine. According to a 2019 Senate report already, “ at least one third of the 16.9 million hectares of French forests, i.e. 31% of the territory, are classified as prone to fire hazards “.

The planet in a “âfire age »?

Problem: We are clearly not taking the right path to contain them. ” We are creating an era of fire “. It’s for reading the Obs and it’s a little stressful. Interview with Stephen Pyne, fire historian and professor emeritus at Arizona State University in the United States. For him, “ global warming marks our entry into the “Pyrocene”, a time when fire will shape the planet as powerfully as ice during ice ages “. This is what makes you dream! But again, we can only blame ourselves, humans. Figures quoted in Le Figarostates the National Forestry Office: “At height of 10%, lightning remains the only natural cause of the outbreak of a fire. Which mathematically means that 90% of wildfires are of human origin.. »

Avoid monocultures, promote diversity

So it’s not just global warming that’s at stake. If the wildfires are so powerful, explains Stephen Pyne, it’s because of global warming, but also because of ” how we transformed the countryside However, the monoculture of trees, which has become commonplace, should absolutely be avoided, it promotes the spread of fire, also notes Le Figaro. One must ” diversify species, [les espèces d’arbres]origin and forestry methods “.

Marianne also points out, for its part, that ” vulnerability of monocultures and wonders: Would the state fail across the board? Our forests are suffering, and as scientists work to build a forest of the future that is more resistant to fires, droughts, storms, insect infestations and other pests, the state is slowly taking their work into account. He even goes so far as to absurdly finance monocultures and the planting of highly profitable species, such as Douglas fir. “.

100 billion euros claimed by the SNCF

Front page of the sunday newspaper : “ why the SNCF claims 100 billion “. It was a record summer in terms of attendance, but, ” the railway company has been going through a period of high intensity for six weeks marked by the heat wave and the multiplication of delays “. Gold, ” these hours in air-conditioned carriages, these missed connections and these waiting times on crowded platforms are a reminder of the fragility of the French network, appreciated the JDD. They also confirm the calculations of the president of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou “. According to him, we should inject “100 billion euros,” to double traffic in the next 15 years “. The new Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune has ” have already received the message “, marked The JDD.

And that’s a good thing, Clément Beaune is precisely being interviewed by the newspaper. Asked about the 100 billion, he admits that the infrastructures, that the network ” has been neglected for the past thirty years. Stepping up the efforts made over the past five years is my budgetary priority “, he says, without giving numbers. As for a ” solution for lower prices “, after flamed for this holiday, well “ minimizing summer tariff peaks should be possible “answers the Minister of Transport. In the absence of a concrete solution, there is already a track here.

personal development scams

Solutions, some seek with personal development. A very visible phenomenon, but one to watch out for. That is The Express warning us this week for “ the pitfalls of personal development “. On the ” pseudo-science ” and the ” real scam And to those who don’t like their business being touched. The Express thus denounces the attitude of Idriss Aberkane. The magazine examined him, ” self-proclaimed hyperdoctor and neuroscientist », and in response he has « condemned by his digital disciples the names of journalists so that they receive their share of insults, intimidation and threats “. In vain,” we will not shy away from these unacceptable methods “, answers The Express in his editorial. The magazine is therefore publishing its research on this.” hyper doctor “. And it’s au gratin.

Control the use of screens

Doctors, the real ones, again warn against the overuse of screens. the doctors and the Obs. Realize: Two hours a day for children under 10, three for adolescents, more than seven for a quarter of 15-17 year olds “. It’s significant.” Between game consoles, computers, tablets and especially smartphones, there is plenty to compete with certain old activities so recommended as reading, sports, intergenerational intimacy for a barbecue that doesn’t last, or just the pleasure of being bored », irony The Obs. It therefore offers parents a survival handbook to try to regulate the consumption of screens by the youngest.

Sadio Mane, back home

A real smile, at least one, seen on the cover of the magazine of The team. That of the Senegalese footballer Sadio Mané”, prophet in his land ” tell us The team. ” After his great season with Senegal and Liverpool, before joining Bayern Munich, Sadio Mane returned to his home village of Bambali, in Casamance. “. And the rush hour had the Africa Cup with him » tells us, among other festivities The team. ” Pride and emotions were on the agenda these days “, by nature. What is beautiful is that” the relationship between Sadio and his village, his origin “, Have not changed, we can read. ” What Bambali gave him, Sadio returns in his own way. »

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