Beaten by Laval, the SCB misses its recovery

1time Ligue 2 days
SC Bastia 0 – 2 Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC (0-1)
Armand Cesari Stadium in Furiani
Natural lawn in poor condition
Weather: clear – moderate westerly wind with gusts of 50 km/h.
Temperature: 26 dg
Spectators: about 9000.

Central Referee: Nicolas Rainville
Assistant Referee 1: Bertrand Corcuff
Assistant Referee 2: Stephan Pignatelli
4e Referee: Ahmed Taleb

Goals :
Naiji (15e – 63e ) for Laval.

Lamonge rooms (22e) for SCB
Durban (36e) – Oboe (51e) for Laval.

Exclusive: Guidi (72e ) and Package (physical preparation 73e) at SCB
Tapoko (79e) downstream

SCB: Placide – Van Den Kerkhof – Sainati – Guidi – Tavares – Vincent (c) – Kaïboue – Salles Lamonge (Schur 83e) – Talal (Alfarela 59e)–Magri (Robic 83 .)e) – Santelli.
Inr. : Regis Brouard

SLMFC: Hobo – Baudry – Balde – Tavares – Seidou – Roye (c) – Maggiotti (Tapoko 77e) – Adeoti (Sanna 68e) – Goncalves – Durbant (Da Silva 90e) – Naidji (N’Chobi 68e).
Inr. : Olivier Frapollic

context :
Resumption of the championship in Ligue 2. On this occasion, the SCB received a promotion from National: Stade Lavallois.

The goals :
15e : On a fairly harmless attack from the Lavallois, Naidji advanced from the right corner of the Bastia area Placide.
63e : Against Laval’s attack. Naidji wins his duel, alone against Placide.
Game Actions:
Kicked off by the Bastiais.
The Bastiais play against the wind and attack on the west side of the stands.
2e : Free kick for the Bastiais at the entrance to the penalty area, right. Drawn by Kaïboué, the Laval wall returns the ball.
7e : Free kick for Salles Lamonge on the left this time 25 m from the goals of Hautbois, Mayenne’s goalkeeper. Guidi at 2e pole misses recovery by a hair.
10e : Free kick for Laval 25 m to the right. Bastia’s defense pushes back.
20e : On a corner from Salles Lamonge’s left, Talal takes the lead to 2e after. Hautbois pushes the ball back onto his line.
23e : Long shot from Durbant. Placide de Bastia goalkeeper swerves for a corner.
31e : Shot by Bastia defender Tavares from the left from 25m. The ball flirts with Hautbois’ left post.
34e : Free kick for Laval from the left. Baudry completes back in the penalty area. Above.
37e Corner from right for Laval. at 1er after the resumption of the head of Baudry. Placide relaxes well flush with his left post and deflects.
45e : Well served in the center by Talal, Salles Lamonge unleashes a powerful shot at the entrance to the surface. The ball grazed the Laval crossbar.
53e : Free kick by Salles Lamonge from 25 m, from the left, at the corner, directly into the small net of Hautbois.
67e : Distant but powerful shot from Salles Lamonge. Hautbois relaxes on his left hand and blocks the leather.
72e : Guidi’s foul in the Bastia area on Durbant, the referee sees red and points to the penalty spot.
73e : Placide distracts Maggiotti’s penalty by relaxing on his right.

Most Recommended Players:
Vincent, Talal, Van Den Kerkhof on the Bastia side
Baudry, Naidji in Laval.

For the record :
Fictional kick-off given by Morlaye Soumah, emblematic player of the SCB of the 1990s.
Régis Brouard, SCB coach: “We have to remain clear about the nature of the game. There were good things with good animation in 1time quiet, but we rarely came into the picture. We make a mistake on the 1er goal. in 2e period that we have thwarted by trying to force things. We made another mistake on the 2e goal. We were ineffective and we pay a high price for our mistakes. We were too impatient. We threw the ball. We went too fast. We made mistakes and they controlled the game. It’s a disappointment as we weren’t expecting that. There were individual errors. We got some fights wrong on the match film. We forced certain things on certain duels and we got eaten. We thought too soon that we could equalize. We had trouble finding the attackers. Lack of speed, precision.

Johnny Placide, SCB goalkeeper: “We had dangerous situations, but we didn’t have to let them happen. There were some interesting things, positive things. We can do better with goals against. They pressured us from the start with the support of the wind. We could have used our chances better. We missed success and application, the last gesture. As for our preparation, we need not worry. We’ll have to grab points quickly to reassure ourselves.”

Olivier Frapolli, Laval Coach: “Adaptation is key for me. We chose the wind in 1time rest and we did well. We defended well, but we rushed to get the ball back. We lost control.”

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