Football: Yverdon is not a sloppy leader


FootballYverdon is not a mess leader

A double from Koné and a goal from Mauro Rodrigues enabled the Vaudois to beat Thun and settle at the top of the standings alone.

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The joy of the Yverdon players after the 3-1.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Yverdon Sport is an amazing and logical leader of the Challenge League. A first place in the standings that owes nothing to chance or a favorable calendar. On Friday, unfortunately in the presence of less than a thousand witnesses – including a good 100 Bernese – the Nord-Vaudois gave a real lesson to this FC Thun, who nevertheless ranks among the most serious contenders for the podium.

A victory built with composure and intelligence that is beyond dispute. The only minor criticism we can take on the Yverdonnois is that we made Mauro Lustrinelli’s players believe for too long that they could take a draw that would have looked like a minor heist. A slight tension – Thun has never been dangerous despite clear territorial domination in the last twenty minutes – which Mauro Rodrigues put an end to in stoppage time, on the counter and from an impossible angle.

Prior to this upbeat epilogue, YS had done the essentials during a successful and almost one-sided first half. A very clear dominance that led to eight chances, two of which ended in the bottom of Ziswiler’s goal. A double signed Koro Koné who brings his total to four successes after just 270 minutes of play.

The former Servettian’s early opener (9th) is a perfect summary of the confidence that drives Yverdon right now and the accuracy of most of the things he does. While four minutes earlier, Fargues’ head resumption ended a few centimeters from Ziswiler’s left post on a well-tensioned cross from Le Pogam, the same move, this time initiated by Sauthier on the opposite flank, was closed off perfectly from the head again by Koné. . And that under the nose and beard of the giant Nikki Havelaar.

Barès must find the settings

Along the way, YS could have doubled his advantage before Koné got a very logical penalty (34th). A comfortable lead that the Vaudois could have extended even more before suffering the Bernese reaction without damage.

The mines were, of course, darker on the Thun side. Billed as one of the main contenders for promotion, the Oberlanders were unable to cope with the expected uprising after their slow departure. If their intention to immediately seek their opponents high was commendable, it resulted in nothing concrete and even less dangerous for Kevin Martin. At least until the second Yverdon goal. Thrilled by this double handicap, Thoune finally managed to alarm the Vaud goalkeeper. Via Kyeremateng. But the two attempts were diverted by Martin (35th and 38th).

A lack of clarity in the last twenty meters that the reinforcements of Gabriel Barès have not yet solved. The ex-Lausannois, who was hired from Montpellier two days earlier and was immediately founded by Mauro Lustrinelli, has logically not yet found his tracks within his new team. Let’s hope for him and FC Thun that he will make the contribution hoped by whoever was his coach in the Swiss U21 squad.

Yverdon – Thun 3-1 (2-0)

Municipal Stadium. 910 spectators. Referee: Mr. Turks.

Goals: 9th Kone 1-0, 34th Kone (penalty) 2-0, 47th Toure 2-1, 93rd Rodrigues 3-1.

Yverdon: Maarten; Sauthier, Malula, Hajrovic, Le Pogam; Kabacalman, Zock (81st Silva); Beyer (71st Mauro Rodrigues), Fargues (86th Sörensen), Hautier (71st Berdayes); Kone (80th Beleck).

Thun: Ziswiler; Lüchinger (81st Vasic), Havenaar (46th Hefti), Sutter, Bürki; rudlin; Bares (84th Schmidt), Ahmed (69th Roth), Bertone; Kyeremateng, Toure (81st Dzonlagic).

Warnings: 28th Zock, 33rd Havenaar, 58th Ahmed, 60th Beyer, 69th Hefti, 85th Rodrigues.

Comments: Yverdon without Ninte, Miguel Rodrigues or Samardzic (injured). Thun without Ndongo (suspended), Castroman or Dos Santos (injured).

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