Football: The FC Sion contingent is not completely closed


FootballThe FC Sion contingent is not completely closed

For the derby against Servette on Saturday (8.30 p.m.), Paolo Tramezzani can start with an almost full squad. A left flank and a striker are the positions to be filled.

Sporting director Barthélémy Constantin and coach Paolo Tramezzani have chosen to reduce the contingent of FC Sion’s first team.

fresh focus

Is Christian Constantin distracting? Since waving the Mario Balotelli handkerchief, the FC Sion chairman has almost managed to forget the other needs of Sedun’s staff. However, Wallis’s contingent is not complete. With 21 outfield players (including five “young people”) and 3 goalkeepers, Paolo Tramezzani can certainly play with some latitude without being overwhelmed by players, but certain positions are not covered as well as they should be.

One month after the end of the transfer window (which runs until August 31), the time is not yet counted. “We talk to the club almost every day: we are not in a hurry, Sédunois’ coach tempers. We like not to have too many players in the contingent, as has happened in previous seasons. We have to do things the right way.” with players who can match FC Sion This is the case with the already registered recruits: Lindner, Lavanchy, Poha, Chouaref But there are still hot spots Overview for the derby against Servette on Saturday (8:30 pm) in Tourbillon.

Priority: a left side

Dennis Iapichino returned to the field at the start of the season. Holder during the first two days on the left flank of the defence, the former Servettien is a bit standard. “Who else do you want me to put in, he’s the only true left-back I’ve had since Marquinhos Cipriano returned to Shakhtar Donetsk,” admits Tramezzani, not without qualities to be found in Iapichino. In Lugano, Joël Schmied, a trained central defender, finished the game in this position.

“We have enough to live with what we have now. It is essential to make a big leap in quality.”

Barthélémy Constantin, sporting director of FC Sion

“We still have to improve certain sectors, which have to be filled in, and the left back position is one of them,” confirms sports director Barthélémy Constantin. There is even a priority. Given Sedun’s workforce, this is the only position that isn’t actually doubling, although young Ruben Correia can fill it.

The degreasing operation is underway

It was one of the great challenges of the Sédunois summer: to clear the air. In other words, no more contingents worthy of the best American football rosters. The list of departures is extensive: from Bamert to Tosetti, via Hoarau, Serey Dié or Martic. They have all left Sion and that makes the life of Paolo Tramezzani and his staff a lot more comfortable. Even if everything is not finished yet: “There are still two or three details to be arranged, Barthélémy Constantin agrees. We have yet to find clubs for Adryan, Nsakala, Doldur and Edgar. But the foursome no longer train with the first team. They’re with the M21s.”

For the rest, the 24 players currently in the frame are expected to remain. Even if we should not rule out leaving on a good opportunity. They would presumably be replaced if necessary. But nothing urgent. “We have enough to live with what we have now,” the team director agrees. It is essential to make a big leap in quality.” The maxim applies to all positions.

Even if that of the central defender is not attacked. “I am happy with the two current axial, with Joël Schmied behind it and a young (Editor’s Note: Gilles Richard) in the fourth”, mentions Barthélémy Constantin, about the couple Dimitri Cavaré-Nathanaël Saintini. Sign that the former is no longer considered a side.

The attacker’s question

At the front, on the other hand, the situation is more complex. Discussions about a possible arrival of Mario Balotelli raise questions: In this position, Sion already has the usual holder Filip Stojilkovic and his understudy Gaëtan Karlen. But with 13 goals in between (including 11 for Stojilkovic) last season, the references are still light. “We need someone who can be a real killer,” Christian Constantin’s son said.

What give credit to an arrival of the Italian. Or to another, more credible and more in line with the Sédunois club.

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