FOOTBALL: The DFCO is making the Greens pale

The 2022-2023 season in Ligue 2 kicks off with a blast for the Dijon team, who hosted ASSE on Saturday 30 July. Feverishly, the Saint-Étienne team gave in to the attack of Mickaël Le Bihan and Bryan Soumaré during a very lively game. Final score 2-1.

The first-ever match of the 2022-2023 season in Ligue 2 for the Dijon Football Côte-d’Or men’s team was set to be a tough one this Saturday, July 30, 2022, with a “high level” match against a relegated League player. , the Saint-Étienne Sports Association, as coach Omar Daf noted the day before (read our article).

When the club counted on 10,000 spectators at the Gaston Gérard stadium for this championship resumption, only 450 Saint-Étienne supporters were authorized to make the trip official under very strictly controlled conditions. However, the Saint-Etienne contingent waved many green flags, including outside the visitors’ car park, which was full.

The meeting was led by Romain Lissorgue, resident of Ile-de-France, 31 years old and already very experienced. He was assisted by Nicolas Durand, Matthieu Lombard and Mehdi Mokhtari.

The Reds dominate the start of the game, pushing the Greens to foul

By whistle for kick-off, Romain Lissorgue allowed the players to start the match when the temperature reached 29°C. Daniel Congré is captain for the Reds, Anthony Briançon for the Greens.

From the start, in the first minute, after a shot from Bryan Soumaré, the Dijonnais claimed a hand in the Saint-Etienne area but was not awarded a penalty from the referee while Ligue 2 BKT did not resort to video arbitration.

The game continues, the Reds dominate by defending very high. The first yellow card was awarded in the 7th minute to ASSE captain Anthony Briançon for a foul on Walid Nassi. Just after the tenth, the Green Yvann Maçon keeps Mickaël Le Bihan by the jersey and also leaves with a yellow card. The boxes will not stop raining during the event.

The Dijonnais chain the shots on target

The DFCO gets a free kick from Jardan Marié; the ball is extended by a diving header from Daniel Congré which is easily caught by Saint-Etienne goalkeeper Étienne Green. The keeper is number 42, he who has the first name of the patron saint of the city and whose name is signed in English with “green”, without forgetting that 42 is the number of the Loire department.

While the Greens coach teases Laurent Battles on the edge of the field, Mickaël Le Bihan operates a large bridge, passing to Bryan Soumaré before recovering the ball and firing. The stadium gets up but Étienne Green then makes a nice save on his line (18th).

The DFCO players show good commitment, counterattack, the wingers quickly project the team’s striker – whether Mickaël Le Bihan or Idrissa Camara – but the ASSE goalkeeper also shows great responsiveness.

Mickaël Le Bihan scores the first ever goal of the season

In the 25th minute, it was the Stéphanois’ turn to claim a penalty for Christopher Rocchia’s sliding on Jean-Philippe Krasso into the penalty area when the left side indeed appeared to have played the ball.

Christopher Rocchia goes up quickly in his left lane and center at ground level. Defender Mickaël Nadé tries an astonishing heel. The situation was mixed up in the Saint-Etienne penalty area, Bryan Soumaré slumped back and Mickaël Le Bihan pushed the ball into the back of the net (28th), confirming his involvement in the game for the first thirty minutes.

Bryan Soumaré manipulates the Greens

Nervous, the Greens tried to react before halftime, most notably with an attack by Jean-Philippe Krasso that was blocked by captain Daniel Congré who won (34th).

Taking advantage of the ASSE players’ fever, Bryan Soumaré, decisive passer a few minutes earlier, scored in turn (40th). The midfielder took a ball return from Étienne Green after a shot from Idrissa Camara, himself served by a caviar from Mickaël Le Bihan. With 2-0, the first period ends favorably for the DFCO that made the break.

Bad Errors in Recovery

At halftime, Laurent Batles made two substitutions with the youngsters Ayman Aiki and Louis Mouton. Also change the opposite side, large clouds bring a welcome shadow.

Shadows also hang over the recovery of the DFCO squad with two consecutive failures in front of Saint-Etienne’s goal, while Gaston Gérard already saw the shots of Walid Nassi and Mickaël Le Bihan go into the back of the net (50th and 51st) . Even if the DFCO is unsuccessful, the actions reveal the leaks in ASSE’s defenses.

After an hour of playing in very hot weather, a false rhythm sets in on the grass and a drop in lucidity leads to nasty mistakes on both sides. A dangerous tackle from behind by Daniel Congré on Jean-Philippe Krasso is only sanctioned with a yellow card (57th). Shortly after, Jimmy Giraudon kicks Idrissa Camara (60′) from behind.

The Greens come back to the score

The first cramps of the season are emerging, but ASSE is still aiming for DFCO’s target. Dénis Bouanga sends a cannonball which Baptiste Reynet deflects with the end of the gloves (64th).

The Dijonnais were so hot that a cool break was declared. Meanwhile, Walid Nassi is replaced by Roger Assalé. On the green side, Mathieu Cafaro gives way to Adil Aouchiche (66th).

The substitutions destabilize the teams for a while, ASSE gets back into the game faster and comes back to score with a goal from Ayman Aiki (68th). Going into the recovery period, the Green was a bit lucky, his pass to Christopher Krasso had turned into a lob from goalkeeper Baptiste Reynet.

Red card for criticizing the referee

The tension causes the spirits to warm up. Mickaël Le Bihan and Dénis Bouanga have words, the referee intervenes (73rd).

Taking advantage of a free kick shifted to the left on the edge of the penalty area, Mickaël Le Bihan finally sent the ball into the stands (83rd). ASSE responds with an action by Maxence Rivera well served by Adil Aouchiche. The Reds are falling more and more on the defensive.

In the 85th minute Bryan Soumaré comes out to a warm applause from all of Gaston Gérard. He will be replaced by Matteo Ahlinvi.

After a confused situation in which Dénis Bouanga allegedly criticized the referee, Romain Lissorgue did not hesitate and put the striker out.

It is time for the game to come to an end after four minutes of extra time, as tempers continue to rise.

For the Greens, Adil Aouchiche continues to believe in the equalizer, but the clock is holding him back in his motivation.

The DFCO first in Ligue 2

With this 2-1 result, the DFCO is pushing itself in style for this first game led by new coach Omar Daf. For the record, it is also the first win at home and in the league against the Greens.

For at least a few hours, pending the other matches of the first day, the DFCO is first in Ligue 2.

Jean-Christophe Tardivon


28th – Mickael Le Bihan (DFCO)
40th – Bryan Soumare (DFCO)

Red card

88th – Denis Bouanga (ASSE)

yellow cards

7th – Anthony Birancon (ASSE)
10th – Yvann Mason (ASSE)
23rd – Idrissa Camara (DFCO)
32nd – Cheick Omar Traore (DFCO)
57th – Daniel Congress (DFCO)
60th – Jimmy Guraudon (ASSE)
76th – Christopher Rocchia (DFCO)
88th – Denis Bouanga (ASSE)
91st – Ahmad Toure Ngouyamsa (DFCO)


45th – Entrance of Ayman Aiki (ASSE)
45th – Entrance of Louis Mouton (ASSE)
66th – Entry of Adil Aouchiche (ASSE)
67th – Entry of Roger Assalé (DFCO)
75th – Entry of Ahmad Touré Ngouyamsa (DFCO)
76th – Entry of Ousseynou Thioune (ASSE)
78th – Entry of Maxence Rivera (ASSE)
84th – Entry of Matteo Ahlinvi (DFCO)

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