Football FCVB / Hervé Della Maggiore: “We will be on time”

The tone is calm, balanced. Hervé Della Maggiore has just won his training from Le Puy, a neighbor of National (1-0) with a performance from his newest recruit, the versatile Laurent Dos Santos, who came from Valenciennes and this Ligue 2 Calade will not this season experience. For a bigger turnout than usual, at the end of July in Armand-Chouffet, the FCVB, which had thus received confirmation this week of the end of its long wait to know at what level it should evolve, in National, after the administrative marathon of the Girondins de Bordeaux and their financial setbacks, and so he can finally devote himself to his near future. In fifteen days it will be the first day of National, against Sedan, at home. By then, Hervé Della Maggiore hopes his training will be ready for this big start, after a tumultuous summer.

What lessons do you draw from this success against Puy (1-0), one of your future opponents in National?

“We feel a clear progression in the game. Automatisms are starting to emerge. Nevertheless, we have rebuilt the team quite a bit. In the front it is brand new, in the middle there is an extra player, also in the back. I really liked our collective expression on this game, the stakes, everyone’s work, if the ball is lost, there are good reactions in the recovery. I noticed a lot of good things. We had to score this goal to materialize our dominance. Today, the players are in charge at the National. My team wasn’t affected by anything that happened there, it showed on the field. It’s a group that works well. And it’s fun for a coach.”

How did you make the Comex’s decision to keep Bordeaux in Ligue 2 and you in National?

“No disappointment, honestly. I expected it. The disappointment was present earlier during the lost play-offs against QRM, where we were in control of what could happen to us. It was not the case there. We would be very happy have been to be in Ligue 2 but we didn’t deserve it on the pitch We have the chance to go to Ligue 2 it didn’t come that’s the way it is The real disappointments are the clubs that have been in the past , have not had as many resources as Bordeaux to be saved. They can be harmed, but we, no! Not in any way.”

Did this influence the preparation for your National season?

“No more than that. We have recruited half of the national players, others who come from lower levels but give full satisfaction, young people who are scheduled for the reserve team and who do the job. recruitment, this decision could have been a problem , today we need two or three more players (NDRL: a left-handed defender, a midfielder, an attacker). I hope we have a full squad when we start again.”

One of the possible good surprises in the recruiting is the arrival of Laurent Dos Santos – midfielder or defender – who scored the winning goal against Le Puy. It’s a real plus in the game for your team…

“Indeed. You will get to know him. He is a discreet, shy player, but on the pitch he is complete: he has both feet, his CV (ex-Valenciennes in Ligue 2) speaks for him. He is a good pickaxe, able to chain matches without any problems.”

“We would have been very happy if we had played in Ligue 2, but we didn’t deserve it on the pitch. The real disappointments are the clubs that in the past have not had as much recourse as Bordeaux to be saved. , but not us!

Tactically you worked with two systems (3-5-2 and 4-4-2). From what perspective?

“We have worked on the two systems that are interesting. We are starting to be read by our opponents. More and more the teams know how to hurt us. We have to find solutions. We cannot remain fixated on an organization, although it is less works well in certain matches. There can be surprises in our season, like against Bourg at the end of last season. (4-1, 34e day). We have also focused our recruitment on all these parameters.

The idea of ​​being a little short in your preparation reigned supreme this week. Is this really the case?

“We’re on time. I’m not worried. A week after the others we continued because we finished later, but physically it’s going well. We still have two games to go.” (Goal FC and Mâcon next weekend) to our first game against Sedan . to prepare (August 12).”

At a time when there was a lot of talk about the FCVB in France, in all directions by the way, did you manage to keep a certain calm in your group?

“We are not going to hide it, there is also a lot of talk between us. You read the papers, you try to get the latest information, but after a while you skip everything because a lot of conflicting information comes out and when you arrive you think especially to focus on your work. That’s what I told the players.”

Is the Sedan reception still a little early on your mind?

“It is still early. But it is all our opponents that are in the back of my mind. It will be a very difficult championship. It is a certainty. We will have to take points quickly. One in three teams will go down. I expect tense, matches close, with a knife! There will be teams that will strive for results from the beginning, without focusing on the road. There may be closed matches, from the beginning of the championship. We are not going to deform ourselves , but we will really have to be strong.”


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