A crop-top T-shirt to be at the top of the trend this summer 2022: how to transform without sewing

Really smart to turn an old-fashioned piece of clothing or a piece of clothing we already have enough of into a trendy and chic piece! Upcycling fabrics is a gesture towards the environment and towards ourselves. Whether it’s a crop top t-shirt or a sweater converted into a sleeveless blouse, we can keep up with the trend. You will be surprised that every piece of clothing has very high environmental costs. Your T-shirt has an impact on the environment from the time the cotton is grown and harvested to the time it is woven and manufactured, dyed with toxic chemicals and shipped to distant customers. Putting on a crop top t-shirt this summer is a chic trend!

Why recycle a t-shirt into a crop top?

Trends change and come back, but a crop top t-shirt is the undeniable women’s crop top. Knowing what to wear it with on a daily basis is imperative, but another piece of information is no less important.

Sometimes it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce the cotton for a single t-shirt. Since only one percent of the world’s water resources are clean and accessible, this is very important. Cotton cultivation also occupies farmland that can be used to produce food for local communities and uses an extremely high amount of chemicals during production.

high cost nylon polyester synthetic fiber crop top t shirt

Synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon also have a high cost because they are made with petrochemicals, pollute wastewater and are not biodegradable.

According to the authorities’ findings, clothing is the fastest growing household waste.

What can be done to reduce clothing waste?

crop top t-shirt avoid impulse purchases buy less clothes

  • Avoid impulse buying by focusing on what you need, not what you want right now.
  • Buy less clothes, but opt ​​for quality, well-made items that last longer.
  • Choose classic styles that won’t go out of style and that you’ll never tire of.
  • Take care of your clothes by treating stains immediately.
  • Extend the life of clothes by sharing and bartering with friends and buying used clothes.
  • Learn how to repair and change clothes to give them a whole new life.
  • Recycle fabric scraps to follow the upcycling trend.

crop top t-shirt learn repair clothes reform new life

Upcycling is a fun and creative way to extend the life of textiles by slowing down the journey to landfill. T-shirt recycling ideas are really great!

crop top t-shirt pick an old t-shirt transform summer trendwear

Your oversized T-shirt looks old-fashioned! Crop tops have been around for decades and don’t seem to be leaving stores anytime soon. If you’ve always wanted to make your own tops, then you’re in luck, because these tops are easy to make. You can turn an old shirt or leggings into a crop top in minutes, or sew a crop top from scratch!

First, you need to choose an old t-shirt to turn it into a crop top. Maybe you’ve had enough or it’s faded a bit, or it has a small hole at the bottom. The latter is not too visible, but it does bother you. The solution is to crop a crop top, loose and loose or form-fitting t-shirt.

Measure the length of the crop top t-shirt

crop top t-shirt specify the desired length watch mirror marking needle

You must specify the desired length of your crop top t-shirt. To do this, put on the garment you will be using and stand in front of a mirror. Fold the bottom over and play with different lengths until you find the one you like best.

crop top t-shirt typical length a few centimeters below the navel

A typical length is a few inches above the belly button, but you can shorten or lengthen the length as desired. Be careful not to flirt with vulgarity! Use a cloth pen or chalk to mark the determined length.

Plan to leave the t-shirt a little longer than you want, because you can always make it shorter, but you can’t make it longer.

The timing of cutting is very important

how to make a crop top t-shirt cut out low lay flat surface smooth soft?

Cut the bottom of the dress to the length you chose. Remove the tray and place it on a flat, hard surface such as a table, counter or the floor. Smooth the shirt so that there are no irregularities in the fabric. Then use scissors to cut straight across the line you drew. Make sure there are no jagged edges! It is important to cut just right for best results.

recycle your clothes cut two triangles tie a knot

Reserve 2 triangular strips of fabric to secure the garment if desired. Don’t cut all the way around the top if you want to fasten it at the front! Make 2 triangular strips of fabric on the front of the shirt with which you can tie a knot at the front. Cut from the new top bottom to the old top bottom to make the triangles.

teen crop top customize fun design print t-shirt

Remember you can always cut more fabric for a lower neckline, but you can’t add it back. Cut a small amount first, then try it out before cutting more. You make a style statement by personalizing with a printed design.

Cut the sleeves for a sleeveless crop top. All you need to do is fold the t-shirt inward and sew it by hand or machine to prevent fraying.

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