Yanick Caisse draws a positive conclusion from his first week

Sorel, August 25, 2021 — As the campaign’s first week draws to a close, Yanick Caisse believes the conservatives have presented a solid plan to Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel voters. The Quebecer contract unveiled this week by Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is a clear and unequivocal commitment to Quebec and its needs, a first in history. Announcements found in Canada’s Recovery Plan, the electoral platform unveiled earlier this week, on ethics, housing, culture and job creation rounded out the package.

“The conservatives know where they are going. We proved it this week with our announcements that directly impact Quebeckers’ concerns: housing, the cost of living, employment and culture. Specifically, citizens want to maintain their standard of living after the pandemic and worry about the liberals’ lack of plan. I understand that my constituents are disappointed and concerned about the possibility of a new Liberal government. There is no denying that only the Conservative Party can replace Justin Trudeau and act for Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel”said Mr. Caisse.

Quebecers contract

During the first 100 days of the Conservative government, Erin O’Toole and her Conservative team will begin implementing this commitment, including:

1. Give more power in immigration: Quebec should have more power over decisions regarding the selection of immigrants and refugees who will enter the province.

2. Protect the French language by applying Bill 101 to federally chartered companies in Quebec.

3. Give Quebec all the tools to protect and preserve its built and architectural heritage.

4. Respect Quebec’s right to pass its own laws, such as the State Secularism Act (Bill 21).

5. Negotiate with the government of Quebec to prepare a single tax report while preserving federal jobs in the regions.

6. Inject unconditional money into Quebec’s healthcare system.

7. Do not increase taxes and duties.

8. Amend anti-corruption laws to ensure integrity and clean up Ottawa.

9. Lead a government that will always respect human rights, including women’s right to choose for themselves.

The contract is available at www.agirpourlequebec.ca.

Acting for the local economy

The pandemic has major consequences for entrepreneurs and family businesses. To encourage the local economy and give families a break, a Conservative government will give the GST a public holiday for the month of December. A nice end to this year which was not easy!

Taking action to tackle the housing crisis

Conservatives announced their plan to build one million homes across Canada over the next three years, while also preventing foreign investment from driving up house prices. These concrete measures are intended to first make more affordable housing options available to Canadians.

Acting for greater ethics and transparency

Canada’s recovery plan will punish ethical violations by politicians and clean up the mess in Ottawa. The conservatives pledge to pass stricter ethical laws, avoid cover-ups and ensure that lobbying is properly regulated.

Take action to boost job creation

Canada’s Rising Jobs Plan will restore the one million jobs lost since the start of the pandemic by focusing on the hardest hit sectors, including urging companies to hire, reduce regulatory burdens and reform the tax system to reward work.

Acting to preserve our heritage

To support municipalities in their desire to preserve their region’s built heritage and to stand up to the adepts of “wokism” and “cancel culture,” conservatives would establish the Canadian Heritage Preservation Fund, which helps them preserve and restoring historical monuments, statues and heritage buildings, taking into account the diversity of needs and above all local and regional priorities. This fund would have a budget of $75 million in five years.

Source: Yanick Caisse Electoral Committee

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