Football: new season and new era for Nîmes Olympique

Ligue 2. The Crocos, who will initially try to maintain, open their season on Saturday, July 29 in Costières with the Caen reception, at 7 p.m.

The former Poulain and Benezet have certainly returned home and the next generation trained at the club and embodied by Dias and Guessoum will certainly arrive. But with the departure of the “historical” Briançon and Paquiez, a year after that of Ripart, Nîmes Olympique changed its era. And the switch, around Christmas, from Costières to the transition phase will contribute a little more to that.

#nosmc #football D-1 for players from @nimesolympique. Final training for the reception of Caen.

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The croco club, ninth in the last exercise, the one after the relegation, had decided to tackle a new cycle. Result: Ten players have gone elsewhere or not selected for the time being and nine have arrived.
On account of his first six months with the club, Nicolas Usaï, maneuvering the recruiting unit, has joined, period “Very important”to enable elements that “had the desire to play at Nîmes Olympique, the desire to participate and profile here”.

Have a real identity and win matches with ingredients specific to Nîmes’ values

“Mood” was essential in the choice of reinforcements, one of the ambitions of the coach croco was to“have a real identity and win competitions with ingredients specific to the values ​​of Nîmes”. The only promise he will make: “We will all invest 100%.”
Nîmes has also worked on “homogeneity”sign up “Managers in every sector, experienced players” (Benezet, Poulain, Tchokounté, Maraval) and players who “don’t necessarily know the level, but want to reach levels and impose themselves in this championship” (Vargas, Labonne, Durand de Gevigney).

Danish rookie Jens Thomasen, here in action against UNFP in a warm-up match, was preferred to N’Guessan and will face Caen.

The result after six weeks of preparation? “It is always difficult to have certainties during this period.replies Nicolas Usai. The preparatory matches were not fully completed (1 win, 3 losses, 7 goals against, editor’s note) but I am happy with what I see every day. There is a lot of excitement, anticipation and confidence in this group and in everyone’s day-to-day investment.”
“We are quite confidentt, assures Thibaut Vargas, who comes from Châteauroux (N). Confident because we worked really well, because the atmosphere is great, because everyone is on the same page, because even when we conceded goals, the warm-up matches showed that ‘we were a team and we could move forward if we all did our best. fancy.”

Play with two attackers

Henceforth, the former resident of Montpellier was recruited for this purpose. “It has everything from a piston”summarizes Nicolas Usaï who this season decided to opt for the 3-5-2 or rather a 3-4-1-2 as Benrahou and Benezet – the former will start this Saturday night – evolve as real numbers 10, supporting behind the two attackers.
“Nothing is frozenhowever, the Gard technician specifies. The organization is one thing and we will be able to see the team evolve during the game or from game to game, but above all there are game principles to respect. The idea, the first wish, was to play with two attackers.”
The intentions are there, we saw it during the preparatory races, but the machine is far from being developed. “You have to oil the automatic mechanisms, create trust, that comes when the content is good and there are results at the end”specifies Nicolas Usaï, who does not “special care” compared to this season by four runs. The target? “The maintenance would already be good.”

Benezet in the group but no starter

The test during the last training, Friday 29 July, was positive. Benezet, who is coming back from a sprained right ankle, will sit well in the group, but he won’t start. It is the 11 to be launched against the UNFP and to be renewed to take on Caen, “outsider, for Usaï, who will not be far behind the favorites, Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux and Metz”. Ueda (right calf) is forfeited. Delpech and Doucouré are not yet operational. The young Boudache, Zampa and Nasraoui, who have been training with the group since the resumption, have not been called up.

The probable team: Dias (16) – Durand de Gevigney (4), Poulain (6), Guessoum (2) – Vargas (8), Fomba (12, cap.), Thomasen (14), Sadzoute (3) – Benrahou (22) – Tchokounte (18), Mr. Kone (65).

Replacements: Maraval (16), Brander (97), Labonne (17), Nguessan (21), Benezet (10), Eliasson (7), Omarsson (9).

Absent: Ueda (injured), Nazih (choice), Delpech, Doucouré (re-athletics).

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