Football / Ligue 2. Anani not in the squad… info for Le Havre

The balance of the preparation

The GF38 did quite well during the preparatory phase. With five friendlies to go, the record is positive with three wins (2-1 against Auxerre (L1), 1-0 against Clermont (L1) and 2-0 against Red Star (National), a draw against AS Saint-Etienne (1-1) and a defeat, against Villefranche (2-0, National).

“We always look forward to returning to the official competition. The preparation was long, the games interesting, but the only truth is the championship,” Vincent Hognon said at a press conference on Friday. “I tried to be a bit more demanding at the athletic level and sessions, the players responded well. We didn’t do crazy things either, we worked well. »

With several moves during the transfer window, the coach said he was pleased with what the rookies bring to the squad. He develops: “I am happy with this preparation, it worked well, with invested players. The truth is that of the championship.”

Le Havre

And exactly, the championship, which starts next Saturday (7 p.m.) against Le Havre. Last year Vincent Hognon’s GF38 won in Normandy thanks to a goal from Bamba. A lot has changed since then in the oldest club of French football. Paul Le Guen has left, replaced by Luka Elsner, and the squad has changed slightly, with eight departures and seven arrivals.

“It is a team with a remarkable technical level, in line with last season,” said the technician. The captain, Brice Maubleu, says nothing else.

“It is a team with a lot of technical quality. They have very good players. We may not have much on the ball tomorrow, but we will try to be as efficient as possible. Last year we shot on target two or three times, they spent most of their time in our camp. We’re going there to get points and we’ll do everything we can to keep them from playing well. »

stay humble

Vincent Hognon repeats it like a mantra: you must remain humble! The tactician ensures that the group continues to work in this mentality. During the preparation phase, and during the five-day course in Chambon-sur-Lignon (Haute-Loire).

When asked about the goal of the season, he simply answers that we have to do better than last season. A message he passes on to his players and in his statements, which does not prevent him from being ambitious.

“We have a lot of humility, we are a growing club, but still a small budget. Last season was very difficult. Even if we are 13th in the return phase, 5e defense, but we must not lack humility. I think all teams that miss it will be overtaken by this flaw at some point. It prevents us from wanting to win every game”, the coach analyzes. He is also in the same frame of mind as far as the band is concerned. “It’s a pretty modest group. I don’t mind that much. You have to be careful what you say in the statements. There should be no form of comfort that settles in the minds of the players. »

The Ligue 2 Championship

With the truce taking place in November this season, the championship will take on a different face this season. Especially since there are four descents and only two climbs at the end of the championship.

“We can’t afford to do light preparation. It’s not possible because you have to persevere, you can’t play one or two games… Being the hit of the summer is not interesting, it is over of time you see the good teams”.

In this championship, Grenoble mainly crosses Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne, clubs that are used to playing at the top level. “When they’re there, it’s because they deserve to be there, they missed their season. It’s always exciting to play against these kinds of teams in historic first-class stadiums with atmosphere, like in Saint-Etienne, which I really like. It’s always interesting to play for big teams.

Finally, the coach believes that the toughness of this championship is also played out in time. “It’s going to be even harder than usual.” It starts on Saturday.

>> The program for the first day of Ligue 2

The group

guards: Maubleu, Rooms

Defenders: Gaspar, Nestor, Tchaptchet, Gersbach, Paquiez, Isola

Environments: Perez, Bambock, Ngando, Jekob, Touray

Ahead: Sbai, Bamba, Meissa Ba, Tell, Phaeton, Correa, Okardi

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