Football. Johan Gallon launched his extensive project in Mondeville

Johan Gallon has launched a huge project in Mondeville. ©Aline Chatel

“The Mondeville revival is now. This could be a slogan, at least it is the message that Johan Gallon is pursuing. The new USONM coach plans to restore credibility to the credibility of his training club, which has been battling deep financial setbacks for several years now.

Anyone who thought Mondeville was dead will be surprised. There were a lot of them two months ago. Everyone came to help themselves…

John Gallon

Mondeville lost important elements, due to several chances or because they did not accept the road, in their eyes Thierry Traore was relegated from the formation. Zourab Sopromadze, Hamza Ould Jawar, Haïlé Diouf and Edouard Ozanne have left. But there was no escape, which was feared for a time, and the recruitment, which was not quite ready, suggests great promise. Among the arrivals are goalkeeper Sofiane Kouba and former National 3 residents Gurami Enukidze, Axel Serio and Eddy Lecarpentier.

‘The club starts again’

“If you want to start a real sporting and financial project, big salaries cannot be kept,” Johan Gallon sweeps. Some people play for money. Others play for football and for the jersey. Former playmaker Malherbiste has embarked on a massive reconstruction.

The club starts from scratch. The dynamic is launched. For seniors, the wheel is back in the right direction. Now there is a lot of work to be done in the field of football school, training and pre-training.

However, it is the showcase, which deals with R1, that will attract all eyes. “We start from afar, but we want to be competitive. I don’t set myself a goal in terms of results. The more consistent we are in our project, the better chance we have of winning. »

“Adapting to a New Way of Thinking”

The Mondevillais will first resume training to “go really hard” when the competition starts. “I have a group that is discovering how to prepare and how to work. We trained every day at a certain intensity. For many it is a discovery. »

Johan Gallon, who finds the athletic and defensive shortcomings significant, wants to put his foot down from the start: ,,We are going to play different football. Players will have to adapt to a new way of thinking. »

What role in R1?

For many, Mondeville becomes an outsider to be wary of. “In a month and a half people will look at the club differently. It’s fun. They know something is going to happen. All our opponents know it won’t be easy in Farré. We will wear our emblem with pride. The first step is done.

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I want people to say: “Mondeville has become a quality club again”.

If it is still difficult to situate the value of the red-blue collective, Johan Gallon’s speech has something to seduce. “What is important to me is finding peace and a state of mind. I want us to be strong in our project. »

Movements & personnel

They leave : Hamza Ould Jawar (Villers-Houlgate), Haile Diouf (Flers), Gaylor Leple (Dives), Zourab Sopromadze (AG Caen), Edouard Ozanne (Dives), Demba Dia (Flers).

They arrive : Sofiane Kouba (Deauville, R1), Valandry Le Tiec (Lisieux, R2), Mattéo Demici (MOS, R1), Axel Serio (Bayeux, N3), Gurami Enukidze (Vire, N3), Kevin Diomandé (Alençon, R1) + Marouane Abirou (Dives) and Eddy Lecarpentier (Vire) between A and B. Two players are currently on probation.

They stay : Martini Sonowo, Ousmane Diako, Samuel Nkoua, Ibou Camara, Wesley Romain, Teddy Antoine, Gilles Ibébé, Toussaint Omari, Yoann Gustarimac, Louis Malenfant, Abderahim Alboury, Bryan Botuly, Raphaël Okitohambé, Ugo Drieu (injured). Regis Etari? Yafaye Mane?

The preparatory program

Saturday 30 July: Mondeville – Le Havre U19, 4 pm in Farré

Saturday, August 6: Mondeville – Oissel (N3), in Farré

Wednesday, August 10: Mondeville – Rouen (R1), in Lafont

Saturday, August 13: Mondeville – Verson (R1), 6 p.m. in Farré

Wednesday, August 17: Mondeville – Bayeux (R1), 7:15 PM in Lafont

Saturday, August 20: Lisieux (R2) – Mondeville, 5 p.m.

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