Women’s European Championship. France vs Germany

lThe French team gets closer to the stars or goes home, Wednesday (9pm) in Milton Keynes for Germany, in the penultimate stage of the European Championship, finishing point or springboard to a first dream international final for Wendie Renard and her hungry partner.

Mondial-2011, JO-2012, Euro-2022: will the third half be the right one? Les Bleues find the last four of a major tournament after ten years of waiting, armed with talent and determined to finally win a first title at Wembley on July 31. “I’m hungry, I want to get as far as possible, and so is the group”exclaimed midfielder Charlotte Bilbault following a deserved but belated win (1-0 after extra time) in the quarter-finals against the Netherlands, holders of the continental trophy, at the New York Stadium in Rotherham on Saturday.

“In a competition there will always be a disadvantaged team. Today we are. We’re not going to use that as an excuse.” Kadidiatou Diani

The road to London now runs through Stadium MK, a 29,200-seat space an hour and a half from the capital. Since the 2015 World Cup, water has flowed under the bridge, with the Germans eliminating the French including Renard, bracelet on the arm, after penalties (1-1 ap, 5 tab to 4). The Olympique Lyonnais captain continued her harvest in the Champions League with six more crowns to bring her total to eight, but her national cup cabinet remains hopelessly empty. this half “Only means something if you win the trophy, we’re just talking about the winners. The goal is just the trophy, and you can count on us, we’ll be there.”she said Tuesday in the presence of the press.

The Frauen-Nationalmannschafton the other hand, is adorned with golden charms: two-time world champion (2003, 2007), Olympic champion (2016) and eight times crowned in Europe (including six times in a row between 1995 and 2013). “We have often talked about German superiority, but there is no complex to have”Renard estimated, calling on his comrades to “play smart, control emotions, don’t panic”.

Between the fear of emptiness and the weight of history, the two nations are walking a thin line for the fight expected this Wednesday. France is heavily handicapped after fighting for half an hour longer in a meeting scheduled two days after Germany’s against Austria (2-0). Thirty minutes left, two days less recovery, but Corinne Deacon’s daughters have evacuated the subject so far. “We know that in a competition there will always be a disadvantaged team. Today we are. We are not going to use that as an excuse.”launched Kadidiatou Diani, the right arrow of the attack.

The PSG Paris winger caused the winning penalty (Ève Périsset, 102nd) against the Batavians in a game he dominated himself (33 shots, 10 corners), without showing any efficiency. It will be necessary to adapt the target and not waste its ammunition on the Germans and their iron defenses, completely impenetrable since the kick-off of this Euro. With four successes, eleven goals and therefore zero against, the players of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg have set the bar high.

The Germanic formation offers an explosive cocktail between 1930s Svenja Huth and Alexandra Popp on the one hand and the “bottle class” represented by Lena Oberdorf and Giulia Gwinn on the other. On the other hand, winger Klara Bühl (21), sparkling in the quarters, is forfeited after testing positive for Covid-19. In that sense, Voss-Tecklenburg’s Germany resembles Deacon’s France with its executives such as Renard and Diani, his nuggets Selma Bacha and Melvine Malard, and his ‘young experienced people’ Grace Geyoro and Delphine Cascarino, both 25 years old.

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