Football: Nîmes Olympique hopes to have found the magic system

The Crocos, who will receive Caen at the opening of the Ligue 2 championship on Saturday, July 30, will start the season in the 3-4-1-2 chosen by coach Nicolas Usaï. decryption.

“We are done.” It was Lamine Fomba who secured him on Saturday, after the Crocos’ 4-2 success against UNFP. “We worked well throughout the preparation, we have become strongercompleted the one who wears the captain’s armband in the absence of Nicolas Benezet. Only the results were not good, but we ended our warm-up matches on a positive note. That’s what we wanted to achieve to gain confidence, so we’re happy.”

An unmissable start to the championship

The Crocos will have to be ready because with clashes against Caen, Saint-Etienne and Dijon during the first four days, the start of the season promises to be tough. And with four runs on the schedule since Bordeaux was finally serviced, we don’t have to drag.
His maintenance, Nîmes Olympique, gets him in 3-4-1-2, a system Nicolas Usaï has decided to adopt this year. “The recruitment was done according to what the coach wanted to achieve”notes Nicolas Benezet, who was thus taken to evolve at the heart of the game, at number 10, in support of the two attackers.
A position where he will battle Benrahou, who is still there for now and who has every chance to start on Saturday, Benezet, who missed the last two preparatory games due to a sprained right ankle, is not fully operational.

The key role of pistons

In this system,the pistons will be the key, very important elements for usanalyzes Benezet. It will take a lot of effort from them, but we have done the necessary preparation to react physically.” It is Vargas and Sadzoute, both authors of promising performances, who will be responsible for pacing the corridors, right for the first, left for the second. Labonne, who can also help in the middle as he did for Bastia, an interesting option with the long absence of Ueda (tear in the right calf), also showed interesting dispositions on the post.

For the three axes, cover the sides and ensure recovery!

In the ashes, the Gevigney-Poulain-Guessoum Durand trio has logically emerged, especially as options are lacking in this sector, which may need to be strengthened. These axials, who have to dive into the corridors to cover their sides, will have their say in the build-up of the game, if they are not fixed by the opponent, by leaving the ball at the foot or by relying on a medium .

If you master it well, it is a very good system

“This system, which provides defensive rigidity across the width, also provides high density in the axis with the sentry just in front. (Fomba, the other point of the triangle that falls to Thomasen or N’Guessan, editor’s note)which makes it easier to get the balls out as we prepare our actions”enlightens the former Versailles Durand de Gevigneyh, who assures him: “If you get the hang of it, it’s a really good system.”

The essential role of Tchokounté

A system in which Tchokounté, who orients himself with Koné, “going to stay” according to President Assaf will be an essential pawn. “We missed this attacker who could keep the ball with his back to the game and bring us onto the field”analyzes Benezet.
It now remains to set all this to music and above all find the balance between offensive phases and defensive withdrawal to avoid getting into trouble if the ball is lost. The 3-4-1-2, magical system?

Echoes of the crocodiles

uda. Injured on the right calf against the UNFP on Saturday, Ueda took exams on Tuesday. What Nicolas Usaï feared was confirmed, the Japanese defender was the victim of a tear. The Crocodile Club evokes “a fairly long unavailability”, without specifying the duration (at least between four and six weeks). Ueda is not the only Croco who will miss the call for the Caen reception on Saturday. Usaï has already said that Delpech and Doucouré, who are not yet operational, would not be in the group.

Arbitrator. It is Rémy Landry who will referee Nîmes-Caen, this Saturday 30 July. Last year he led the Crocos twice: at Costières against Amiens (3-3, 8th day) and Pau (0-3, 22nd day).

Repetition After the crocodile sanctuary on Tuesday morning, Fiorentino’s U17 Nationals will resume training on Thursday, July 27 in La Bastide. Next Tuesday, the Regional U19s will be on the podium, as will the Regional U16s.

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