Seine and Marne. Sport: an educational summer for ambitious clubs

Basketball must be activated every summer to find rare gems and strengthen a team that wants to be ambitious. ©LPB

The COVID-19 as a surprise guest, but yes, luckily this has little impact in the summer except for certain general meetings that are suddenly postponed to the beginning of the school year. The competitions, delivered in mid-June, are only good or bad memories. Pretty good except in the columérien sport as is recalled in our columns all year round, besides it was a nice individual harvest at all levels by relying on the collective card during the training sessions. However, July was an instructive month for several reasons, including these essential: team sports need to prepare future season. It can also be finding a new coach, such as the handball of Frederic Redoneven players. In addition, the club is always looking for them to evolve into a senior (high regional level, see the Facebook page of the Coulommiers Brie handball), the president, loyal to the postFrederic Mengue Ateba, has already planned the start of the school year. predict, anticipate, keys to success mainly to achieve the goal of being in the top five of the twelve teams.

A Canadian at Coulommiers Brie . basketball

When another season starts in September (here Coulommiers football team, archive photo), everything is prepared well in advance in July.
When another season starts in September (here Coulommiers football team, archive photo), everything is prepared well in advance in July. ©LPB

The Coulommiers Brie basket always has a clear vision due to its good financial management, the vagueness is more in the absence, on July 22, of future opponents. “The union assured us that everything would be known before August 5,” a leader of a neighboring club nevertheless reported. Several unnecessary things in this sport, very late group announcements compared to other federations and an overhaul that will extend the duration of the championships. Not a bad thing, Coulommiers no longer has 11, but 13 opponents in September. As with handball, basketball has to be recruited after three departures and this is very complicated. The players are indeed making stricter demands, even though many are seduced by the club. One element of him was all right, he’s… Canadian. The club has never had a player of this nationality after having had an American, two Serbs, a Bulgarian, a Spaniard and a Senegalese, is the only current signing exotic? A little bit, indeed, he started in January in Saint-Dizier in France. Michael-Ange Kayeye (1.93 m) mainly played at Brock University (Canada), in France he was the top scorer for his club. A good recruit, but Coulommiers works in secret to round up two or even three other players. “We will know more at the end of July”, announces coach Marcus Kangudia, two free players and one in a club are the target, Coulommiers, if nothing moves, would have two foreigners (Senegal, Canada) for the championship. A new season in which we know nothing about the ups and downs, the FFBB takes the time to communicate the opponents (probably for many Seine-et-Marnais and Ile-de-France).

Football not rewarded, rugby is alive again

Football had fresh news, the Coulommiers club thought it had two climbs with its two senior teams, but one remains at department level 4. A regulatory point means that a club cannot have two teams at the same level. Coulommiers, team one, could play with neighbours, Brie-Est (municipalities in the canton of La Ferté-Gaucher) and the Pays Créçois reserve in department 3. Note that senior football also returns to Pommeuse, this new team has opportunities to to take on Coulommiers B thus deprived of accession. Rugby, which is revived already with 8 arrivals, including 2 former Meaux, has a new topicality and knows its opponents in region 2. The club, which is also looking for seniors, will resume on August 3 at the Parc des Capucins. July is therefore not as flatly calm as one might think, behind the scenes leaders work to take the team sports of the city of Coulommiers to the highest level.


More information. The opponents of the Coulommiers – Pays Fertois rugby agreement are: Clermont (Oise), Senlis, Puteaux, Corbeil, Limay, Noisy-le-Sec, Garches-Vaucresson agreement, Rugby sud 77, Finances Paris. Either a single opponent met last season, the latter, first game on September 25.

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