Football: with two teams at regional level in Normandy, La Ferté-Macé can nurture ambitions

The first team of the Youth Fertoise Bagnoles is one of the teams that follow in Regional 2. ©Le Publicateur Libre

At the Youth Fertoise Bagnoles, Stéphane Périnet knows that his first team will be closely scrutinized in 2022-2023. This season his players are on the 3e step off the podium in Regional 2 after a very successful championship. Without the disappointments of the start of the year, the Fertois could even have competed for the climb. Getting rid of Villers Houlgate, promoted to Regional 1, the JFB will necessarily have a label of candidate for the rise on the front.

Top 3 objective

In a Group B of Regional 2 virtually unchanged, with the exception of the arrival of Dives / Cabourg B, Mondeville B and the Aigle, La Ferté-Macé seems to be one of the few teams able to supplant first place. “The goal for the first team is to do at least as well this year. However, we must be careful not to have exaggerated ambitions,” said trainer Stéphane Périnet. Translation: A place in the top 3 is expected.

Personnel adjustment

To achieve this goal, the club had to keep its best elements. Mission accomplished, no departure is reported to all 3 groups. “We wanted some stability. Our groups have given us satisfaction this year. The idea is to work in continuity.

In fact, a few elements were added to strengthen the team. » We continued to adjust the workforce for our 3 teams. Pierre Vetillard has just joined us. He will bring us his experience. He is a seasoned Region 1 player.” Passed by Alençon, Deauville or even Flers, he will add value to Team A’s attacking sector.

The arrival of Pierre Vetillard, used to R1 and R2, is one of the good steps in the readjustment of the Fertois workforce.
The arrival of Pierre Vetillard, used to R1 and R2, is one of the good steps in the readjustment of the Fertois workforce. ©DR

Another good pick from this adaptation for the two regional teams, the arrival of Thomas Lainé, a promising defender, from AS La Selle la Forge. “He’s a young player in the making,” notes Stéphane Périnet. The club also saw the return of Benjamin Pierre, who played in Regional 1 and Regional 2 with Stade Mayennais.

Maintenance in R3

The B-team of the Youth Fertoise Bagnoles is also expected in Regional 3. Taking advantage of the good recruitment fertois, the team is aiming to get a meeting soon, in the middle of a year of championship reform. The idea, as with Team C, is to provide the most comfortable fit possible. There will be many descents, we will be in groups with a lot of density. “.

The team will have several clashes against industry teams on the agenda, most notably against Domfront and Andaine.

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Stéphane Périnet is hoping for a better calendar than this season, in which the players finished on June 3, after three consecutive weeks without playing a game. “It is outrageous to be ready on June 3rd after a three-week break. This decision was undoubtedly made by someone who has not yet set foot on the field. We ask almost more from the amateurs than from the pros”.

Summer preparation

In order to achieve its objectives, the JFB started summer preparation on Friday 8 July. “The players will carry out individual preparation for 3 weeks”. On the program jogging and swimming. The collective preparation starts on Friday 29 July with 3 training sessions per week. A three-day course is also planned in Ploufragan, from August 13 to 15, with a friendly against the Lannion Reserve.

The first team will also face AS La Selle la Forge (R3) on Saturday, August 6, Mayenne (R1) on August 17, Verson (R2) on 20 and Argentan (R1) on 24. it faced Saint Georges des Groseillers (R3) on August 17, Pleslin (D1) on August 19, Saint Contest (R3) on August 24 and Vilaines (R3) on August 31. Team C has only one friendly match scheduled: against Tinchebray (D2) on August 28.

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