Football: In Zion, as a taste of coming back


FootballIn Zion, as a taste of coming back

Even if they lost 3-0 to the Young Boys, the Wallisers are holding out hopes for a season closer to light than shade. As long as it’s there, you might as well play on this intriguing feel.

Perhaps a whole innovation can be held in one gesture. Or maybe the future will shatter the symbolism. The gesture in question is this applause, this congratulations from Paolo Tramezzani to Denis Iapichino. The Sédunois side have just postponed a duel as the last defender with a certain panache and have probably avoided another goal in his colors. The point is that FC Sion has been doomed to defeat for a while and everyone is starting to understand that. Young Boys lead 2-0, minutes tap, hope slowly dies. But here, in this team that in the past had a habit of straining into similar situations, often to vent its anger at the arbitration, this time there was a wave of positivity from the coach. This little gesture of nothing. Who can say much.

However, the song is known in Tourbillon. The beginning of the season brings hope, the continuation brings problems. Whatever the scenario of the coming months, break or extension, we are living the period that you should enjoy if you are a fan of FC Sion. Even moderately convincing in Lugano a week ago, even beaten 3-0 by the Young Boys on Sunday, the Valais are leaving this magical trail, this taste of coming back. It’s intriguing, it works. For how long?

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

The Three Teachings

  • You can lose a Super League match 3-0 and be happy with it. Not quite, not hugging or bragging, but still. Probably because there were two games in Tourbillon on Sunday. The first lasted five minutes and was crushed by YB (doubled by Wilfried Kanga). The second stretched to the final whistle and looked like a beautiful truce. This, Sion had sufficient resources to win it. Moreover, the Wallisers did not get the whistle from their audience after the game, which has already happened after much smaller setbacks. A certain pride could be read on the faces of the players as well as that of Paolo Tramezzani. It’s not worth points, but it keeps hope alive. Good compromise for a month of July.

  • It is due to a missed penalty by Antonio Marchesano, a post from Filip Stojilkovic, nothing at all. In 270 minutes (with the European match on Thursday), the Young Boys have still not conceded a single goal since the resumption. Yes Young Boys, this team that played 16 games in a row last season without a single shutout. Nice signal for the recapture of the title. Meanwhile, Bern’s central hinge (Camara-Lustenberger on Sunday) continues to show some signs of fever. YB has something impressive, but not untouchable. Not yet.

  • To what extent do the two goals scored without delay disrupt the analysis of the match? The question must be kept in mind. Once the reservation is made, we must give FC Sion the consistency of its performance. The second quarter was by far the most successful of the Valais. Still, over time they knew how to exist, with four or five defenders. The break is clear from last season, where the “On” button was typically activated once per meeting, for 15 to 30 minutes of animation in the middle of the desert. This remains a snapshot, which will have to be validated weekend after weekend.

The best of Tourbillon

Fabian Rieder in the foreground, Denis-Will Poha in the background.

Fabian Rieder in the foreground, Denis-Will Poha in the background.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

The scenario is likely to repeat itself a few times this season: hard to separate the good from the bad in the YB offensive because the quality is everywhere. Fabian Rieder, who takes full advantage of his freedoms at the tip of the Bernese diamond, was probably even higher. Great play by the attacking pair of Kanga-Itten.

On the side of Wallis, the defector Denis Will Poha, committed and talented, makes a name by example. The futile efforts of Filip Stojilkovic deserve a mention. Such as the authoritarian and generous performance of Dimitri Cavaré, who had the bad inspiration to offer the final 3-0.

The worst

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Nothing is offered to FC Sion offensively this season. At least as long as Mario Balotelli is not from Sédunois. So it takesItaitinga shows a little more inspiration when his team doesn’t want to rely on set pieces to make a difference. Not enough match for the Brazilian, who has the potential to do ten times better. The profile is special, but the competition can catch up.

The explanation

“With Dimitri we come from the same island. Current flows through our couple. He helps me, advises me, I know I can rely on him.

Nathanaël Saintini on the 100% Guadeloupe hinge he forms in Sion with Dimitri Cavaré.

the tribute

Not a single sound echoed through the Tourbillon during the minute of silence in memory of Thierry Saudan. The man who masterfully led the FC Sion Gala disappeared on Monday at the age of 49.

The future in a question

The Berner himself holds the record for the number of goals scored in a Super League season: 99 in 2018/2019. The season is long, but their offensive potential opens the door to dreams. So:

Can Young Boys make it to 100?

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