These are the fields where the richest inhabitants of Alsace work

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Since 1996, Challenges establishes the ranking of the greatest professional fortunes every year.

The 2022 edition, which was unveiled very recently, continues to post Bernard ArnaultCEO of LVMHin the first place.

But what about the Alsatians? How did they become millionaires or even, for one of them, billionaires? In which areas are they active? Here’s the answer.

Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler (€3,200m): construction

With a fortune estimated at 3,200 million euros, Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler is in 36th place in the ranking.

He is the CEO of Soprema“this group whose parent company is located in Strasbourg”, “specializes in waterproofing, thermal insulation and roofing”, the magazine recalls.

Founded in 1908, the company now has “nearly 7,000 employees in 90 countries”.

Denis Oussadon and Jacques Benarroch (800 million euros): real estate

Denis Oussadon and Jacques Benarroch, ranked 148th with an estimated net worth of 800 million euros, are two residents of Strasbourg who made their fortune in property.

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As indicated Challenges on its site, they own “more than a hundred commercial properties (and the Schutzenberger brewery) in Strasbourg”. “The Oussadons have mines in Africa and have bought a Mercure hotel,” the magazine adds.

François Lazard (€800 million): real estate

Here’s another one that made a fortune in property : François Lazard (148th in the ranking, fortune estimated at 800 million euros), founder and CEO of the Lazard Group.

In 1990, François Lazard, with a degree in corporate law, started his real estate development company in Strasbourg. “25 years later, Lazard Group Real Estate has become a nationally influential limited company offering modular office buildings suitable for large users,” we can read on the group’s website.

” [François Lazard] develops a group present throughout France, and in particular in Ile-de-France, where it builds more than 100,000 m² of offices per year,” wrote the magazine for its part Challenges for 2021.

Yvan Steyert and his family (€625 million): electrical industry

Registered for the first time in the ranking Challenges in 1998, Yvan Steyert and his family estimated a fortune today at 625 million euros, which puts them in 193rd position.

“These Alsatians, the fourth generation in charge, have 88% of Socomec, this manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment (turnover: 570 million),” the magazine says on its website. “The group has a solid cash flow,” adds the latter.

Stéphane Eimer (€600m): health

Stéphane Eimer, 197th in the ranking of the greatest fortunes in France (600 million euros) and found dead on June 22 at the foot of the Royal Palace of Monceau in Paris, was the CEO of Biogroup Laboratories.

“This Alsatian created in 1998 what will become one of the largest groups of French medical analysis laboratories (turnover: 1.3 billion), which has been running at full capacity for more than a year,” traced the magazine in its 2021 analysis. Challenges.

Anne Leitzgen (€450 million): industry

The Schmidt kitchens, you know ? Anne Leitzgen (261st position, €450m), very good.

In 2006 she took over the leadership of the group. “Two years later, SALM [l’ancien nom de Schmidt Group] becomes the first French kitchen designer,” the magazine recalls Challenges. “The founder’s granddaughter and her family manage and operate the number five European kitchen and bathroom company with more than 700 stores and 1,500 employees,” the latter continues.

According to Challenges always, “the pandemic has made these Alsatians smile […]. Households have taken advantage of the confinements to improve their indoor space.

Bernard Rossmann and his family (€400 million): paper

Bernard Rossmann and his family, Alsatians, control the company Rossmana “cardboard manufacturer present in Europe and Africa, with about fifty factories (turnover: approx. 580 million)”, explains Challengesstating that “the Covid has pushed up cardboard orders”.

Today Bernard Rossmann and his family are in 291st place in the ranking, with an estimated net worth of 400 million euros.

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