Magazine, posters, walks… What activities with the Tourist Office of Montluçon (Allier) this summer?

“We’re Trying to Find” original ideasto innovate”, suggests Julie Besançon, teacher guide at the Tourist Office of the Valley in the heart of France.

With this in mind, Loëtitia Raynaud, President of the Bureau, initiated the project of a magazine† “Montluçon Découvertes is more than a tourist brochure. This magazine offers real reports. †

A first edition of 10,000 copies will be distributed free of charge from today at the tourist office or even at the Château Saint-Jean, whose chef Olivier Valade covers five interview pages.

La Montagne invites you to make a recipe live with the star chef of Château Saint-Jean in Montluçon

100% Bourbonnaise creations

From the visuals, produced in particular by Philippe Busser, a professional at Montvicq, to ​​the editing, carried out by Typocentre, the chairman confirms: ” everything is Bourbonnais † †

Among the novelties of the vintage, the Tourist Office will offer from next week seven postcards and five posters whose visuals are designed and created by Arnaud Bonnet

premium With his visual creations, Arnaud Bonnet Montluçon (Allier) wants to give a new image

The young graphic designer focuses on suggestive places. Tourists and locals can afford a statue of the Berry Canal or Wilson Garden for 2 or 10 euros.Arnaud Bonnet’s postcards will be on sale next week at the tourist office for 2 euros. © Delphine Simonneau

“We want to adapt to the demand. We received a lot of feedback on Arnaud Bonnet’s work. People were really waiting for his graphics,” says Anouck Marce, communications officer at the office.

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“Our visits are in the same vein. Open to for everyone, young, less young, locals and tourists! †

Renewed walks

If the classics remain, like the storytelling walks value guided tours d’Hérisson, the originality is in the details. “There will be visits to the village in cart pulled by a donkey† Montluçon Secret offers a new place discover…”, quotes Julie Besançon.

In the course of the visits, locals and visitors will be able to see themselves as princesses and knights, in the old castle towerlisten to the nighttime rustle of truncated or follow the evolution of Montluçon in the 19th century† “There is also Montluçon by candlelight. A kind of guided walk, at nightfall, with lanterns”, adds the guide.

All activities are by reservation, on or

Delphine Simoneau

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