Football: “demand, involvement, fun”, the three keywords for the resumption of OAC training

Promoted to National 2, Stéphane Saurat’s group, reinforced with ten new elements, started its six-week preparation on Monday 11 July.

They were all on time and (almost) all present. Only one of the recruits was missing, midfielder Daysam Ben Nasr (he was married this weekend), who will join the group on Wednesday. The Alésiens launched their season this Monday, July 11, in the morning at the Moulinet Stadium.

#football The season has started! New physical trainer, Arnaud Grosselin took the warm-up of the players of the@OACOfficial in hand.

– Midi Libre Ales (@MidiLibreAles) July 11, 2022

If they touched the ball and revised their ranges before ending with a technical circuit, the twenty-three Cevennes players, who were for the most part already sharpened, also had the right, on the track at the Pujazon stadium, at a VMA test (maximum aerobic speed) progressive, the Vameval. The three players who have held the pace the longest: the striker came from Bayonne Brahim Mahamat and the former Lenny Houelche and Paul Bonneau.

We have a lot of hope, it is the word that dominates and the desire to achieve something great

“We have a lot of hope, it’s the word that dominates, and the desire to achieve something great with you,” launched Philippe Mallaroni by way of welcome. A general manager who asked the Alésiens to “transform the “I” into a collective “we” and who said he was convinced “to have a great future team for him” before handing it over to Stéphane Saurat.

#football “Be demanding, mediocrity is not for us. Saurat oversees the first start with the ball.

– Midi Libre Ales (@MidiLibreAles) July 11, 2022

This team, on the first day of the championship, Saturday, August 20, the OAC coach has six weeks of preparation and five friendlies to shape it. Of the dozen elements that have been preserved, the most used last season, ten new ones have been added since the young Chusclan-Laudun striker Souleymane Diaby signed on Monday, “a priori our last recruit,” said Philippe Mallaroni.

Chusclan-Laudun (R3) striker Souleymane Diaby is the latest Alesian recruit.
Free lunch

“The mayonnaise will have to take that everyone finds their place and plays their part”, Stéphane Saurat sums up. “We have tried to bring experience with us to manage the highs and lows of a quite difficult championship that some will discover. The preparatory matches will give us an idea of ​​the potential of the group and room for improvement,” concludes the sports director Jean —Marie Pasqualetti, who “longs for the chicken in which we will evolve and the calendar”.

A budget between 1.30 and 1.40 M€

With his budget “more on average fluctuating between 1.30 and 1.40 million euros” (Mallaroni), promoted to National 2, his Cap 2024 project still well in mind, he shows “ambition and humility” (Mallaroni again) at the attack of this new season. “Yes, it is, Stéphane Saurat agrees. We want to get closer to this professional Ligue 3 that is going to be created in the short or medium term, but we don’t take ourselves for what we are not. We don’t do it” “Remember that there will be five to six runs this season due to the national championship reform. We will therefore try to irritate as many teams as possible and try not to scare each other.”

Goal: the first half of the table

To aim for “the first part of the table” (Pasqualetti), the players of the OAC will have to make their coach’s three key words: demand, involvement and fun. “Required because I hate mediocrity unfolds Stéphane Saurat. This does not mean that we will succeed in everything, but that we give ourselves the means to achieve it. Commitment because I want responsible guys on a daily basis, who do not wait to be told about things fun, which doesn’t mean summer camp, because it’s always better when there’s laughter.”

Echoes from the OAC

Friendly Alès will play five preparatory matches: in Saint-Maurice-l’Exil (Isère) against Saint-Priest (N2) on Saturday 23 July; in Nice opposite the OGCN reserve (N3) on Wednesday 27 July; in Saint-Christol-lès-Alès opposite Canet (N2) on Saturday 30 July; in Martigues against FCM (N2) on Friday, August 5; in Uzès opposite Agde (N3) on Saturday 13 August.

internship Just like last season, Stéphane Saurat and his troops will do an internship in Mende, which will take place from 14 to 17 July.

pubalgia Goalkeeper Louis Laurent, who has been treating pubalgia since May, was present at the resumption but did not train along. He would take stock during the day with the medical staff. To be able to work with three porters and to support Eric Moreau, last season’s number 1 and rookie Téo Knibbe (21, Athlético Marseille), Stéphane Saurat called on the young Bryan Ambert. The latter, not yet 18, from the US of Clover, joined the OAC to progress in the youth teams and in reserve.

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