Security in Eastern DRC: An Open Letter from North Kivu Civil Society to the UN Secretary General


The DRC is the obligatory passage of African integration due to its geostrategic location and its economic potential. This justifies its membership of several regional communities, such as in particular the Economic Community of South African States, SADC in its acronym. Kinshasa will also host the 42nd Summit of Heads of State and Government of this community in the coming days, in August 2022. In anticipation of this meeting and on the sidelines of a training workshop for media and regional integration experts on the benefits of the SADC agenda for the DRC, the United Nations magazine spoke with the Director of African Multilateral Cooperation, Laurent Mbuyamba Madimba, answering questions from Honoré Misenga Kalala here.

News in brief

In short, 123 Bukavu police officers tasked with securing mining sites and fighting illegal trade in minerals in South Kivu province were trained with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The conclusion of this training took place on Monday 27 June 2022. A similar ceremony took place on 29 June in Goma, where 122 other police officers were also trained. A total of 245 police officers therefore followed training courses as part of the second phase of the mine police project in the two Kivus. This project is funded by the United States of America through the Department of State’s International Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement.

**Let’s still stay in South Kivu, Monusco, through its anti-mining service, UNMAS, handed over to the police and Congolese army, two furnished offices equipped with safes, as well as mobile armories that can each hold up to 400 weapons and hundreds small caliber ammunition. The purpose of these facilities is to guarantee the physical safety of the users themselves, as well as good weapon storage.

***Let’s close this page by Gina, in Ituri. The women’s engagement team of Nepalese peacekeepers from MONUSCO organized a meeting with women from this Iturian town, 40 km northeast of Bunia. It was June 29, 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to make these women from Gina aware of their commitment to improving their living conditions and the security situation in their community.


The United Nations magazine takes as its guest MONUSCO’s Force OPS Director, Colonel Maureen Wellwood. In an interview given to Radio Okapi this week, this UN mission military official talks about the presence of peacekeepers in the battlefield and the support the Monusco force provides to the FARDC, as well as protecting civilians during the conflicts. . Maureen Wellwood answers questions from Sifa Maguru.

News from the province

Shabunda is one of the largest areas in South Kivu, but also one of the most landlocked. The women who live there are not only confronted with retrograde customs, but are especially affected by the prevailing poverty in the region, despite the fact that it is a mining area. To help women out of this situation, the United Nations has set up a project called Project WOSH, Women of Shabunda. What could be the consequences of such a project? Jean Kasami was nearby. Let’s follow his file.

Ask the United Nations

What is the situation of the displaced persons in the province of North Kivu and in what conditions do they live? Questions posed in Goma, headed by the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Coordination (OCHA), Joseph Inganji, by Denise Lukesso. Follow the reaction of the senior international official…


In your calendar for the week that begins, remember an appointment on the list of international days:

July 11: World Population Day. And in connection with this event, know that this year the planet Earth will reach 8 billion people. That is 1 billion more in ten years, from 2012 to 2022.

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