“A very big challenge in 2023!”

During the 7th stage of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, we had the opportunity to interview Franck Lemousse who is behind the organization of the circuit. We returned to the keys to the evolution of the circuit and current events from a personal point of view.

The evolution of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour: improved clinics with the pros and practice matches

Padel Magazine: Can you give us the changes you and your team have made during this phase compared to the others?

Frank Lemousse : “Over the years we have developed the Cupra Padel-Point Tour to “connect” with the clubs as closely as possible. Every club has its size, its audience, its rhythm of life and we try to optimize it. In 2023 it will be a really big challenge to make sure it fits well with the clubs so that it becomes a success.

Here we know the club, it’s fun, we “marked” something quite well. But above all we have a lot of entertainment, people come, they have a good time. We have great places that are very beautiful, very cool and the idea of ​​welcoming people well is the most important thing.

Padel Magazine: What are the main developments between the Cupra Padel-Point Tour from the beginning and the developments you have that will take you to the next stages?

frank : “We improve the clinics with the pros. We really make sure to extend playtime with people who love to play with the pros. We have Mélissa Martin who really works a lot on finding players who like to get closer to the crowd and sometimes don’t necessarily know padel, so it’s super interesting.

We also strive for beautiful exhibitions, we also enlarge the copy to have professionals showing what is very high level padel. And I hope that at the very nice Premier Padel event that we will have in Paris next week, we will have very good matches.

We’re really trying to improve this relationship with people by bringing some of the pros on the field.

Padel Magazine: small teaser for 2023, which direction are you going?

frank : “In 2023 we will improve on being in a cool place: we see padel, we play padel, we have the opportunity to test Wilson products. We’re also going to improve reception, to make sure people stay all day, spend their weekends here, or at least all day.

Purpose of the circuit: to provide a professional environment for amateur players

Padel Magazine: We had the opportunity to chat with Matias and Florian from Padel-Point. We mentioned the fact that recreational players can take advantage of quality services, it’s not just elite players. Seeing all this, you can expect the world’s number 1 while this is all for you.

frank : “Absolutely and you are absolutely right. There are people who impress, so the idea was to say, you’re not a professional, but we provide an environment like you are. And I sometimes even heard it was better than a pro event. We may not be exaggerating, but at least the idea is to say to ourselves: I play my matches, there are people filming, there are small interviews, they take care of me and I am received. I like to be received in this way.”

4 new Indoor jobs at the Pyramids

Padel Magazine: Can you tell us about the next stage of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour and from a personal point of view, can you tell us what’s going to happen in the coming weeks regarding the news from the Player’s Academy and the Pyramids club, coming months ?

Frank Lemousse : ” As for the next editions of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, we are going to Bandol. I think it could be fun. Then we go to Monaco, more precisely to Beausoleil, which is also quite nice. We let the month of August go by, it’s vacation.

We resume at the beginning of September, we are going to Rennes so also a good date as we know the club and the mood of Mr (Vincent) Sapène who is super nice. And then we do the final here (at the Pyramids) of the Masters on September 17 and 18. At the level of the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, I also want to emphasize the quality of our partners: Cupra, Padel-Point, Wilson, Granny and Mariole “soft petanque”. Without them all these great events and the quality we bring, we wouldn’t be able to do it. It is very important to point this out. In 2023 we will continue, we will ensure that it grows.

The club is moving, people are feeling it. In terms of facilities, we will soon have four extra tracks, and they will be completely covered. This is going to do something really cool.

In addition, we continue to improve the tennis copy. We are going to redo the fields, even the covered places. So we are really evolving.”

Padel Magazine: That is why there will be four Indoor padel courts on the side of the padel courts. It’s for when?

frank : We want to start very honestly as soon as possible. We are working on “who”? Who will carry out this beautiful project for us? To bring both aesthetics, but also to meet the needs of the players, because we want to create beautiful events later. So maybe on our way to international events, we need tracks with an international dimension: at least two. And then two more that are more playable all year round. We work together, but with whom now?”

The interview can be found on video, here:

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