Football. FC Lorient beats US Concarneau in a friendly match: what to remember from the meeting

Friendly match in Ploemeur. FC Lorient (L1) – VS Concarneau (N): 1-0

  • 1. Quite a pleasant opposition

  • Between an American Concarneau who wants to be very playful and an FC Lorient who tends to be so again, the meeting was quite pleasant to watch with two teams who preferred to keep the ball on the ground. The first period was even, with a slight advantage for the Hakes, especially when they were able to ramp up the pitch in terms of intensity.

    Former Niort midfielder Lebeau could have opened the score for the Finisterians (14′) before eliminating Rabillard (29′). On the side of the Morbihannais, Soumano (24′), Diarra (22′ and 37′), or even Meité on a shot from outside the penalty area (25′) could have opened the score.

    What happened during a much more one-sided second period: on a cross by Kalulu, Ouattara scored with a very nice acrobatic volley (1-0, 70′), Grbic found the bar in the way during a free kick he had obtained himself (72 ‘). Also Laurienté (81′ and 85′) and Grbic (84’) were not far from opening the score.

  • 2. FC Lorient: quite an encouraging first

  • FC Lorient presented two eleven, one in the first period, the other in the second. With the exception of the end of the first half, the Hakes seemed to be gaining strength. They first aimed to put themselves collectively in a 4-4-2, which should be the norm during this preparation, before gradually increasing in intensity. And to install a more regular pressing in the second half. We have already been able to see some interesting combinations or movements, a fairly new verticality, triangle play…

  • 3. Jérémy Morel in the jersey of… US Concarneau

  • Surprise at the kick-off with the presence of Jérémy Morel in the blue jersey of US Concarneau. “He has been training with the group since the beginning of the week. He’s not with us yet, but if he doesn’t find a club and we get on well, then we can,” said president Jacques Piriou.

    Jérémy Morel wore the blue Concarneau jersey. (Photo Bruno Perrel)

    The former Hake, who is determined to become the left-back position, hasn’t always had the pace. Injured, he only made nine appearances in Ligue 1 last season. But during the 60 minutes he spent on the pitch, his experience came in handy for Stéphane Le Mignan’s team.

  • 4. US Concarneau: A typical team is being formed

  • For the second preparatory game for US Concarneau after the draw against Laval (1-1) eight days earlier in Fougères, Stéphane Le Mignan chose a team that remained grounded for 60 minutes and which is already a draft of the typical team that are aligned for the first day of National. Waiting for the next workforce changes.

    In defence, ahead of the former Briochin Maxime Pattier in goal, Guillaume Jannez was associated with the announced successor to Donatien Gomis in the ashes, Issouf Paro. The sides were occupied by Adrien Julloux on the right and Jérémy Morel on the left.

    In the middle, the recovery was entrusted to Thibault Sinquin and Maxime Etuin, who played as left back last season. The flanks were animated by Amine Boutrah and Georges Gope-Fenepej (who trains with the group, although he has not been retained), while on offense Antoine Rabillard took the point with the former Niortais Tom Lebeau in nine and a half.

    Two test players returned on the hour: striker Adama Sarr (already seen against Laval) and that of Plabennec Raphaël Gerbeaud. The first will not be kept by Stéphane Le Mignan.

    Data sheet

    Spectators : 640

    GOAL. FC Lorient: Ouattara (70′)

    FC LORIENT. 1st half: Nardi – Meité, Laporte, Pétrot, Yongwa – Diarra, Abergel, Le Bris, Boisgard – Pagis, Soumano. 2nd half: Dreyer – Kalulu, Jenz, Mouyokolo, Le Goff – Ouattra, Monconduit, Ponceau, Laurienté – Grbic, Bozok.

    OUR CONCARNEAU: Pattier (Master, 46′) – Julloux (Le Her, 60′ then Julloux 79′), Paro (Suignard (60′), Jannez (Jacob, 60′), Morel (Le Bris, 60′) – Boutrah (Mannai, 60′), Sinquin (Jouan, 60′), Etuin (Traoré, 60′), Gope-Fenepej (Nomel, 60′) – Rabillard (Sarr, 60′), Lebeau (Gerbeaud, 60′).

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