Secret ingredient, these are “the guardians of our beauty secrets”† The brand captures the visible signs of aging in unique treatments. The goal is to defy the visible signs of the times from within. A discovery Ô Magazine.

Article written by: Eugenie Richert

Do you want to discover a new brand of beauty products? Want to test something safe this time? Ô Magazine has the solution for you! Secret Ingredient uses concentrated biotech ingredients to meet the needs of its customers. The products, validated by dermatologists, also contain rare natural extracts. This is how formulas with unparalleled powers are created. Find young skin that radiates health with Secret Ingredient!

Treatments with secret five star ingredients

Secret Ingredient is now a recognized brand. The products derive their strength from:patented ingredients, after five clinical trials. The treatments are not only validated by dermatologists, but are also subject to advanced clinical studies. This is how they have won over plastic surgeons in France and abroad! In addition, the founder is a biochemist specialized in biotechnologysuch as nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

The formulas mimic the anti-wrinkle and lifting effects surgical procedures. This makes it possible to provide a natural, effective and above all quick solution to the aging of the skin. It’s not for nothing that Ingrédient Secret is THE skin care brand recommended by professionals middle. Their range of anti-aging products has proven itself, which has notably enabled the brand to expand. Today we find points of sale all over Franceand as far as Senegal!

The dietary supplement against wrinkles

You already use creams and you want a new type of treatment † Then the Secret Ingredient skin food supplement is for you! You may already be familiar with the many nutritional supplements that are tested daily. In particular, there are the multivitamins and supplements rich in Omega-3 to gain strength. The Secret Ingredient anti-wrinkle dietary supplement is a real makeover!

This youth remedy is a product designed to firm the skin and keep it young. Moisturizing and firming, this anti-aging dietary supplement fights premature aging. Thanks to the unique formula and veganthe product regenerates the skin and eliminates oxidative stress.

A little extra because of its moisturizing formula, which meets the needs of dry, sensitive and reactive skin. Find a perfect skin thanks to this firming and anti wrinkle

Credits: secret ingredient

The Secret Ingredient night cream

the night cream anti-aging Secret Ingredient is a youth concentrate. With this anti-wrinkle treatment you will indeed regain the firmness of the baby’s skin! The moisturizer, also designed for sensitive and reactive skin, contains: 96% ingredients of natural origin † This makes the filling, regenerating and revitalizing cream extremely effective.

Tired of creams that don’t work? Then it’s time for you to test this anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment for normal and dry skin † †Night after night, the luscious Night Youth Concentrate envelops your skin to deliver all its regenerating power.”, according to the brand.

night cream
Credits: secret ingredient

A dedicated brand

Testing skincare with secret ingredients also means a good deed for the planet and society! For every purchase made on the brand’s website, a donation is sent to various protection organizations. These ensure, among other things, conservation programs trees and reforestation. For example, the organism Tr[1]save trees from the huge ecological footprint that humans have left on earth!

So, ready to test Secret Ingredient, the brand of anti-aging professionals? At Ô Magazine we are definitely a fan!

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