Instinct Padel, the first 100% padel magazine in France

Present at the final of the FIP Gold Perpignan, Yann Guilcher went to the microphone of Padel Mag to tell us a little more about “Instinct paddle” a 100% padel magazine that he launched together with other employees.

“Congratulations to the audience for having attended!”

Padel Magazine: Can we expect such an atmosphere during this FIP Gold and especially for the final?

Yann Guilcher“The public reacted present, it was almost full. However, it was very, very hot. Congratulations to the players because they managed to last more than 2 hours in this heat wave.

So congratulations to them and to the audience for being there to “encourage” this great tournament! †

Instinct Padel, the first 100% padel magazine in France

Padel Magazine: Besides the fact that this FIP gold Perpignan is a new adventure because it is a first edition, it is also a great first for you as the first 100% padel magazine called “Instinct Padel” has just been released!

Yann“It’s the first in France! There were some in other countries, like Italy or Sweden… but again, in France it’s the first. It is already available in stores and all over the padel centers we work with, as well as at airports, train stations, tobacconists and press kiosks. You can find them all over France! †

Padel Magazine: We saw that the magazine was available at international airports such as Orly!

Yann Guilcher“We have to, the players travel a lot… so airports and train stations are absolutely necessary for us.

QR codes to “have more interactivity”

Padel Magazine: Can you give us the ambition behind this project? The format, the number of magazines there will be each year?

Yann“It’s a bi-monthly. We started with the first with 20,000 magazines because we didn’t really know what to expect, but that’s not bad for a paper magazine.

We who already have Instinct Foot and Instinct Rugby know it’s not bad for padel.

We started with a bimonthly subscription and a little bit all over the centers. It is a format of 48 glossy pages, with many sections: foreign players, French players, franchises, matches, rackets, pure technique, especially at the level of volleys in this first issue..

We are waiting impatiently the second issue to be published at the beginning of September if I’m not mistaken, with a lot of slightly different things.

This magazine stands out a bit: you often find QR codes that, once scanned, direct you to videos. And all this to get more interactivity on the sheet. †

Padel Magazine: Is this system based on QR codes which also makes this magazine original and charming?

Yann“So of course we haven’t invented anything, since the QR code is almost everywhere, but it’s true that very few of them are in magazines. Whether it’s sponsors like NGTV, Betclic or Babolat, we have this QR code that allows you to see videos that redirect to advertisements etc. We did the same for the tech, or for a lot of other things in the different sections. †

Padel Magazine: I am a player, I like padel and I would like to have this magazine, how are subscriptions going?

Yann“Two things: you get it in the magazine with a basic check like we used to do. But we also have a little more interactivity: you have a QR code, you scan it and fill in the necessary information and after that you receive your magazine at home every two or three months.

But you can also find it in the different centers: 4Padel, All In Padel, many independent clubs in Perpignan and Bordeaux. You can have them, buy them or find them in certain tournaments where they are distributed. †

Objective: “Mainly have people who appreciate the magazine”

Padel Magazine: What can we wish for you?

Yann“Besides subscribers, even if it’s still the nerves of the war, I’d say more people are appreciating the magazine.

I was pleasantly surprised, I saw many of them who spoke to me and told me that there were many interesting things […]all this brings us a lot!

Obviously without subscribers and partners we won’t be here long, we all agree, but I think we all love padel and there are still some interesting things.

So go ahead, read it, subscribe if you like and we’ll meet soon for number 2.”

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Passionate about football, I discovered padel in 2019. Since then, it has been so crazy about this sport that I have given up my favorite sport.

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