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The penultimate week of the Cancer season will be quite hectic in the air. Summer is in full swing and allows us to escape from long evenings and moments shared with friends in this sweet month of July 2022.

This week Mercury and Mars are leaving their respective dominant signs, Gemini for one and Aries for the other, to switch cosmic residences. This is not conducive to the zodiac signs, as they are no longer in their element at all.

We will have to deal with these new positions and resist the traps of Neptune in retrograde looking at the Moon this week!

Horoscope of the week: Love, health, work…


Some emotional insecurities keep you from applying for yourself as usual in your professional environment. Neptune in retrograde aspects the Moon in your workhouse and fills you with doubts. However, your abilities remain the same. Do not doubt yourself, these are but the deceptive mirages of Neptune!


This week you will need to rethink your next career steps. Do not give in to social pressure or your own demands in this area. Stay true to your essence, even if the goal distracts you from who you are.


This week, the planet Mars enters your zone of the unconscious. This can lead to a lack of initiative and hidden fears can resurface. Stick to your usual routine and don’t give in to the temptation to do nothing.


Your energy is powerful this week. Take advantage of this New Moon energy post to start the month with new projects. Try to drain the excess energy with a sports activity to avoid tension. The moon is wandering your mental zone this week and may bring back emotional ruminants. Blow.


Avoid impulsive investments this week. The planet Neptune in opposition to the Moon in your financial zone will show you opportunities where there are none. Don’t give in to the temptation of easy profits! It can cost you dearly.


On July 7, be careful not to argue about money with friends or groups of relatives. You will lose more than money by getting into this kind of conflict. In addition, you will be in full reflection throughout the week regarding your groups you belong to and your friendships.


This week is all about career, work and the legacy you want to leave to the world. Do you like the way you work? Do your colleagues make you feel part of the family? Make this the balance to move in the right direction in the future.


This week you will question different aspects of your life. You want to step out of your comfort zone, but you need to make very specific changes and so far you haven’t had the courage to take action. You will soon have to decide whether you want a comfortable life or a life that suits you.


This week you are prone to excess. Watch your wallet and don’t make unnecessary purchases to make up for existential voids. If necessary, spend this money on moments that you share with your loved ones. These are the moments of human connection that will bring you quality of life and joy right now.


Uranus in positive aspect to the sun is sending you innovative ideas this week that will help you express your desire in a way that will interest those around you. Potential romance in sight thanks to your brand new freshness.


This week you should pay attention to how you treat your body. Thinking about taking better care of your anatomy and adapting to its needs will be essential to keep pace in the future. Think about it!


You are the type who is always at the mercy of your emotions, so Cancer season and its emotionality do not change your daily life. Take advantage of this week to sublimate all these streams of emotions and translate them into something concrete.

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