Marriages, scandals, Julien Doré, Brigitte Bardot, DALS, rape…

Pamela Anderson will turn 55 on July 1. Her amazing beginnings, her terrible childhood traumas, her (many) marriages, her relationship with Julien Doré and Bardot, her title of Countess…

happy birthday to Pamela Anderson turns 55 July 1, 2022! ‘s bomb Baywatch has changed the minds of men and women around the world since she was discovered (by accident) in the 1980s. Her amazing beginnings, her terrible childhood traumas, her marriages, her romances, scandals, Brigitte Bardot, Julien Doré… and other secrets of the incendiary blonde!

Pamela Anderson: terrible childhood trauma

Pamela Anderson was born in Canada in 1967 to a stove repair father and a waitress mother. During her childhood, the little girl experienced a terrible trauma: she was… sexually abused by her babysitter† then she is raped at age 12 by a man twice his age. But the horrors don’t stop there. At 14 she is victim of gang rape by her boyfriend and six of his friends.

Pamela Anderson, spotted…at a soccer game!

In the 1970s, Pamela Anderson started modeling and then became fitness trainer† Her fate changes when she attends a Canadian soccer game of the BC Lions team. His face appears on the giant screen of the stadium and confronted with her pin up physique, no one resists! The inflammatory blonde, who was wearing a Labatt brewery t-shirt at the time, caused a stir and was… propelled to the rank of star across the Atlantic

Pamela Anderson: an idyll with David Charvet

That is Playboy who takes the lead and offers her to pose for charming photos, in 1989 and 1990. Seizing her chance, Pamela Anderson settles in Los Angeles and plans to pursue a career in Hollywood. Her star status is confirmed when she is chosen to star in the series Baywatch† For a while, the luscious blonde lives a romance with her playmate, David Charvet

Pamela Anderson: tumultuous marriage to Tommy Lee

In 1995 Pamela Anderson married the musician Tommy Lee in Cancun, Mexico. But the pair made headlines the same year when a video of their antics was published on the web. In 1996, she gave birth to their first child, Brandon, and Dylan the following year. But the spouses divorced after the allegations of domestic violence aimed at the musician. He is suspected of hitting his wife in particular while she was breastfeeding her son.

Pamela Anderson: romance and (many) marriages

In addition to this tumultuous marriage, Pamela Anderson chains the idylls: the bimbo, in turn, has a relationship with the California surfer Kelly Slaterthen with the supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg or the singer kid rock whom she married in 2006… before divorcing four months later.

Then she says “yes” to Paris Hilton’s ex, Rick Solomon in October 2007, before their marriage was annulled in 2008. In 2020 she married the film producer Jon Peters, 22 years older than her… But 12 days later they divorced. On Christmas of the year 2020, Pamela Anderson marries her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst…but the lovebirds broke up after 13 months of marriage.

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami: what happened?

French fans clearly remember the passionate relationship between Adil Rummy, football player for the French team, and Pamela Anderson. After their split in 2019, the bomb accuses the sportsman of “physical and emotional torture“…before he changes his mind and clarifies that she’s just”angry at himself” in front of “spending so much time, energy and trust on the wrong man

Pamela Anderson: her link to Julien Doré

Did you know Julien Dorec wrote his song More… for Pamela Anderson? †I wrote the song for her. I really wanted this connection between what she has become, what she now stands for, and the idea I had of femininity.“, he confided in 2018 on the 8 p.m. set of France 2. The bomb has also appeared in the clip of the French singer!

Pamela Anderson in DALS

Pamela Anderson has been on the show twice Dance with the stars† In 2010, she took part in the American version of the program and was eliminated after the 7th week, i.e. 3 weeks before the end of the competition. Then, in 2018, the star lights the show’s dance floor in France, with Maxime Dereymez as his partner. She finishes fifth. An honorable ranking!

Pamela Anderson: her title of Countess

In 2015, Pamela Anderson took the title of “Countess of Giglio“, a province of Montenegro, for its commitment to the defense of marine species.

Pamela Anderson, “daughter” of Bardot

Very involved in the defense of animal rights, Pamela Anderson is often compared to our national BB. Their relationship would also be in good shape. †Brigitte Bardot considers me her daughter“, had confided the bomb from Baywatch on the show C for you

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