the fantastic second-hand market! in Capital, this Sunday June 26 on M6

“Capital” in the TV program of Sunday, June 26, 2022. Julien Courbet invites you to meet at 9.10 pm on M6 for a new issue of the economic magazine devoted this week to the second-hand market.

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Garage sale XXL or new formula: who benefits from the treasure of the opportunity?

Participating in a garage sale is an opportunity to make some money by reselling old items. But it is also a difficult and exhausting day. You have to get up early, wait for the customer in the sun or rain, negotiate the slightest euro hard and leave with the suitcase packed with a multitude of unsold items. But the French love it! What if you could finally take advantage of all the benefits of a garage sale, while neglecting the drawbacks?

A new sign, which has appeared all over France, promises to facilitate the resale of your unused items. Just rent a booth for ten euros a week in a large hangar and let the store sell your stuff for you. You don’t have to see or negotiate with customers anymore, you don’t have to come and reap the fruits of your sales until a few weeks later.

† With his new “Au Vide Grenier” concept, Romain Chassagne has been running 40 stores across France in just five years. The goal is to double this number within a year. But second-hand professionals now have to deal like no other with sellers who have decided to do business on social networks. A neat staging, slick photos to dream away with and of course to the checkout.

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Darty, Boulanger…: the giants of household appliances are also here!

Buying a second-hand washing machine or refrigerator… at Darty, Boulanger or Electro Dépôt, who could have thought of that until recently? It’s a minor revolution for these distribution giants, the kingdom of brand new devices. They also start selling us second-hand goods by coming to the land to hunt for actors specializing in this universe, such as Envie or Happy Cash. Everyone is surfing the second-hand boom, both for purchasing power reasons and for ecological reasons. With bargain prices of -30% to -50% for sometimes refurbished devices, it is indeed tempting, but where do they come from?

Sneakers: is there a treasure hidden in your closets?

Don’t throw away your old sneakers that are lying around in the back of your closets, because they can be very expensive! For some time now, second-hand tennis shoes have been the subject of incredible speculation and are picked up on second-hand sites. Like stocks, there is a price and a market where sneakers are auctioned for several hundred or even thousands of euros!

A phenomenon that relates to collectors co-created by stars, but also to fairly classic models, carried away in the phenomenon and partly orchestrated by the brands themselves. Nike or Adidas make limited series that you can buy, only if you get a lottery ticket! Even Lidl is surfing through the veins: his pair of basketball shoes for 12.99 euros were torn in a few hours and sold for up to 1,000 euros! Result: A parallel economy of resale has been set up with its small hands and big ones making fortunes by skewing the supply system of traditional outlets.

Today, from Paris to Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), thousands of young people complete their end of the month by becoming so-called “resellers”, resellers supplying the world market with second-hand sneakers valued at three billion euros.

Garage sales, internet resale, second-hand items… This week Capital is analyzing the second-hand market. Also find your economic magazine in streaming and then in replay on 6PLAY.

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