Philippe Etchebest beardless, without clothes and very muscular… he sets the web on fire, wow!

Philippe Etchebest is a character who is still talked about in France and in many media! Indeed, he is a chef known for his strong character that can make many people shudder. But it seems he would have decided to appear in a different style too!

Philippe Etchebest, a famous character!

It is a name that evokes both admiration and fear in many people!

Indeed, some know Philippe Etchebest in his television aspect. Different roles that he takes on without many shows, and which can have different effects on many people. So, many people know the latter under a mean sky.

An aspect he has through his build, beard and quite muscular, which accentuates this image. But it is also his character that is often taken into account when emphasizing this aspect. Indeed, he does not allow himself to be entered and does not hesitate to raise his voice in the face of the various problems that may arise before him.

But he especially knows how to make himself known in more tender aspects when the situation gives him the opportunity and the desire.

And it seems that the last one in particular looked very different from what he has now! Back to this particular aspect of his life!

Philippe Etchebest under a different face!

It is sometimes normal to see many stars evolve in their physical appearance.

It also shows a certain evolution of our society in appearance and in various physical properties. For his part, Philippe Etchebest is above all a character known today for his big beard and his great muscles. All this also strongly accentuates the image of the cold character currently prevailing on television.

All this is especially accentuated by the numerous television programs. Indeed, he has participated in several seasons top chefbut also to the famous show Nightmare in the kitchen.

Emissions that have strongly forged his image as a major villain. But you should know that the famous chef Philippe Etchebest has not had this appearance all his life.

The latter has had several styles, and we’re going to focus on one style in particular!

You should know that in 2013 he did indeed film an episode of Nightmare at the Hotel that flagged his fans. Following the same principle as the base show, this episode saw him review an establishment, the room, the bathroom, the room service, and many other specific aspects.

The latter shocked internet users and viewers enormously during a very specific series. He would therefore have left the shower and the bathroom with a bare torso and above all without a beard!

A surprising look for the latter that particularly pleased many women! The latter had indeed appeared the jutting body, and a pace at which there was no need to annoy him.

Different looks?

Therefore, following this appearance in a specific episode, Chef Philippe Etchebest had also decided to make several changes.

Indeed, you should know that he no longer reproduced this kind of appearance, and such a brutal change. In particular, this made it possible to create a huge surprise for his fans who had never seen him in this regard.

But you should know that during the shows he shot after that, he did opt for a few changes. During the 13th season of top chefPhilippe Etchebest had decided to grow his mustache.

A look that was immediately noticed by the viewers, who expressed their opinion.

Chic the mustache and the beard”, “What a beautiful mustache! », « Whouaouuuu Philippe, you are beautiful », « It looks great on you », « I love this little work on the mustache », « Too hot with this mustache !!! “Can we read on social networks.

But unpleasant surprise for fans of this chef. Indeed, a few weeks later he returned to his usual style. Perhaps his wife did not appreciate this change of appearance.

The mystery remains, but Philippe Etchebest does indeed have a place in the hearts of the French!

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