Trèbes: the student’s parent, placed under judicial supervision after threats against the principal, will be tried in October

On Thursday, June 23, while taking care of the children of the primary school of Aiguille, in Trèbes, a parent of a pupil violently attacked the director of the establishment. Remanded on Thursday, Friday 24 June transferred and released and placed under judicial supervision with a school ban. He will be tried in October for acts of “threat to a person responsible for a public service” and “violence in school”.

A parent of a student was arrested on Thursday, June 23, shortly after a violent threat against the director of the Aiguille school in Trèbes, where his child goes to school. The arrest by the police was lifted in the morning of Friday 24 June to be brought before the public prosecutor’s office in Carcassonne. If he got out of the courthouse, the man is subject to judicial scrutiny, as well as a ban from going to school and coming into contact with his victim. A measure requested by the prosecutor of Carcassonne, commented, emphasized “the importance of a firm and immediate response” given the seriousness of the facts, since, according to the testimonies collected and the conclusions of the investigation, the man would have threatened the director with death before leaving the premises, hand on the person in charge of the establishment, on his chest level. The student’s parent who disputes the facts has never been convicted of assault or threat. But it is for acts of “threat to the person responsible for a public service” and “violence in a school” that he is now being prosecuted and will be tried in October 2022.

Requested again this Friday, June 24, the services of the Rectorate returned to the facts thus characterized: “A parent came to the school and yelled at the principal, then threatened him in an aggressive and virulent manner.” An event that prompted the mobilization of the Assistant to the Academic Director of Aude’s National Education Services (DSDEN), a school district education consultant, and mobile security teams that “immediate intervention in the school”† And to specify that “the teachers did not use their right of withdrawal but wanted to be able to have a moment of rest”† This Friday, the day after the events, “the students present were welcome”while a “strengthening teachers” had “sent on site Thursday afternoon”

Report on the application intended to record and transmit all the worrying facts

The day after the events, the Rectorate also stated that: “the director was guided and supported in submitting a complaint”† A solidarity that is strongly reminded: “Sophie Bejean” (Rector of the Academy of Montpellier and the Occitanie academic region) strongly condemns any act of violence committed in or around a school structure, contrary to National Education staff. It renews all its support for the director and the educational team of the school of Trèbes and will be very attentive to the follow-up of this incident. A reference to the criminal law aspect, while the events are also the subject of an administrative procedure, completes the National Education: “This event is monitored by the services and has been the subject of a report on the “facts” application intended to capture and communicate all facts of concern. This report was forwarded by the academic director to the prosecutor of the Republic of Carcassonne, as usual and also to the Rector.”

We have yet to consider the long-term implications of this episode for the Trebean Institute, its teaching team and, of course, the 100 or so children educated at this school, which has left Needle County since the October 2018 floods to invest in modular constructions in near the Cosec. If the rectorate indicates so “the education of the child” of the concerned parent “is not being discussed at this school to this day”he also states that, “in certain cases of aggression, in connection with a court decision, parents may be denied access to a school or institution”

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