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Alexandre Avril, the mayor of Salbris, and the FSU41 do not share the same view on educational projects in schools. Their perceptions of society, secularism and diversity, among other things, along with a desire for political interference in education, are far too diverse. And we don’t just play with words…

By Fabrice Simos

The affairs of the College Gaston Jollet are the responsibility of the Academy of Orléans-Tours and not of the Municipality of Salbris! Photo Fabrice Simoes

Well before the end of the summer, and having set foot on the beach, it outweighs him, Salbris Mayor LR, Alexandre Avril, is creating the buzz. Compared to 2021, and the premature end of the beautiful festive Salbrisian summer, compared to 2020, and the “wearing” of the statue of Notre Dame de France published on the mayor’s page, it starts a little earlier this year. This time it is the education of our dear little darlings – French expression to refer to children in general, all children and this includes redheads, light browns, dark browns and all other hair colors – that is at stake.

In Sologne, a land of tradition, as we know, all the institutions are on the left. In Sologne, a land of tradition, as we know, all the teachers are on the left. In Sologne, a land of tradition, as we know, the National Education, made up of left-wing teachers, has been politically proselytizing and corrupting our sweet little darlings for centuries (as explained above, the other colors are good too). As long as we say it, as long as the system exists, we have a right to wonder how a far-right party today can claim to be the first party to oppose the National Assembly.

For yet, with more or less consistency, all current voters have spent a certain number of hours on the public school benches. That is why education is not as effective as desired. This question does not even arise for the young mayor of Salbris, Alexandre Avril, who also passed through Gaston-Jollet. He saw in a day of citizenship education and the fight against discrimination, started a few months ago by the director of the Gaston-Jollet college, ” an initiative unrelated to educational work, similar to a form of support for the LGBT cause”, a left-wing thing

The staff of the Salbris establishment, such as the parents of students via Pronote, thus received a message on June 10 from the acting director, Mr. Collo. He meant for them: I received a letter from the mayor saying that many parents of students had warned him about an action carried out on June 16 and published on the social network Instagram. The post has been removed from the social network. This action is intended to make students aware of the differences… An interference that made the staff of the establishment react.

Screenshot of the Pronote app

In a letter to the academic inspectorate, it felt that in general everyone should remain in place, including those elected, and that it was desirable that this would also be the case in the future. Alarmed, the FSU 41 (Unitarian Union Federation) issued a press release to the administrative authorities and the press.

Elected officials should not intervene in the lives of schools

For Emmanuel Mercier, the secretary of the secondary schools union, in addition to the attitude of the first magistrate of Salbris during his television appearances in Time for the pros from Cnews, it is his intervention in the educational sphere that poses a problem. † It questions the neutrality, sincerity and professional honesty of the university staff who organized this action as part of the school curriculum. We were there on a day of citizenship and the fight against discrimination in general, no support for any reason “, he believes. ” The mayor is exceeding his rights. He goes beyond his skills and hijacks the concept to express his opinion he adds.

The acting director makes contact, explaining that ” it is the academy inspector Sandrine Lair who manages the contacts with the press However, he clarified, against all odds, that for this action ” nothing has been cancelled

According to the daily newspaper The new republicthe Inspectorate indicates that it supports the approach of the director of the branch, and includes ” that a mayor, challenged by parents, can turn to the director. But a mayor doesn’t have to interfere with what’s happening in the establishment

A certainty Alexandre Avril, the members of the FSU 41 and the teachers will not leave together during the coming school holidays. Probably not for those who come after that either.

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